Panaji: January 31,2020 … The Director of Agriculture Shri Madhav Kelkar, on behalf of the Government received the final report of Agriculture Land Use Planning of Goa State, under the project ‘Characterization and Mapping of Land Resources of Goa in References to Cultivated and Fallow Land Use Systems from the Director ( NBSS & LUP )Nagpur  Maharashtra,  Government of India Dr. P.Chandran at a function organized at Krishi Bhavan Toca, Karanzalem  recently.

The function was organized by ICAR-National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning –Nagpur, ICAR-Central Coastal  Agricultural Research- Institute –Goa for the Directorate of Agriculture Goa.

The Government of Goa  in its Budget Assurance in  2013-14, to conduct the land survey of Fallow Lands in the state of Goa. Accordingly an memorandum of  understanding ( MoU ) was signed between Directorate of Agriculture Government of Goa and National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning ( NBSS & LUP )Nagpur  Maharashtra, Government of India for the project called ‘’Characterization and Mapping of Land Resources of Goa in References to Cultivated and Fallow Land Use Systems.

The Director, NBSS & LUP Nagpur  Maharashtra, Government of India Dr. P. Chandran  while speaking on  the occasion said that the soil resource database prepared under  ’Characterization and Mapping of Land Resources of Goa in References to Cultivated and Fallow Land Use Systems is very useful and  will provide  information  not only for farmers but also for the planners, executors and administrators. He said based on land resources data the state has been divided into 27 land management units. ( LMU )

Dr. Chandran also said that the final report will provide the information of the hectors of fallow lands and present fallow lands are there  in the state. It has its relevance not only in terms of agriculture but in terms of other line activities like irrigation, soil conservation, water harvesting, horticulture, forestry, floriculture and landscape developers he informed.

The Director ICAR-CCARI Goa  Dr. E. Chakurkar in his address said that, the crunch of land is increasing day by day.  So the time has come now to think over how to make best use of available land. He appreciated the initiative of the Goa Government for making survey of agriculture use of land in Goa  with the intention of  better future of agriculture in Goa. The final report will provide insight to the policy makers , planners, administrators and other stakeholders of agricultural sector.

The Director Agriculture, Shri Madhav Kelkar welcoming the guests said that the  aggravated situation  which is created in Goan agricultural sector, due to inappropriate land use plan comprised  with growing of crops, use of technologies out of their capabilities  resulted in widespread degradation of our precious natural resources, decline of land and

 water quality. Impact of intensive agriculture without adequate conservative measures, living lands uncultivated etc. The report he said will definitely provide solution to overcome the problem. The database of the report also arranged in Bhoomi-geo-portal developed by ICAR-NBSS & LUP and also on the digital India Platform. A mobile App LRIS Goa is also developed and is available in Google store which can be downloaded for visualization, sharing, and mining by using android based mobile he informed.

Principal Scientists, ( NBSS & LUP )Nagpur  Maharashtra, Dr. Rama Murthy,Dr. Chaitanya, and others attended the function.

Shri satej Kamat, Assistant Diector of Agriculture, compered and proposed the vote of thanks.


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