FOREIGN AND Indian LANGUAGE MASSES FOR SFX EXPOSITION 2014 TO ATTRACT MORE TOURISTS, St Francis Xavier Exposition 2014 cutting across all language barriers – Masses in foreign and Indian languages for pilgrims


22/11/2014 …. Pilgrims  from  across the globe and  India, visiting Goa  for the   St. Francis Xavier  Exposition 2014, will  get an opportunity to participate in the Holy Eucharist  at Old Goa in languages  of their  choice.  

This is a facility introduced in addition  to Masses  in foreign and Indian languages that are already scheduled  during the  SFX Novenas  between November 24 to December 2, 2014.

Fr Alfred Vaz,  Convener  for Exposition  2014 said, “Pilgrims  coming from  across the globe  and India are being given  this  opportunity  for the  first time.”

The additional masses  would be  permitted   as per the requests received,  and  scheduled  at 11 am after the regular daily masses  are held in the morning.

Foreign language   masses in Spanish, Italian,  French and  Portuguese have  already been scheduled  during the Novena days.  Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati,  Tamil,  Malayalam and Kanada  masses  are some of the Indian  language Masses  lined up during the  nine day Novenas as well.

Fr Vaz  explained further  that  Masses  in  any foreign and Indian language  would be permitted if requested for  by the pilgrim.With Spain being the  birth  place  of  St Francis Xavier,  a special mass in Spanish is also scheduled  on December 3,  the feast day  of St Francis Xavier.

According to  the  calendar  of Masses published  for  Exposition  2014, Masses will be held  daily during the  entire  period  of the SFX Exposition.

The Eucharistic Masses in Konkani and  English  are  scheduled  daily.

 “Providing an opportunity  for  visitors  to Goa, who will be on a pilgrimage  to Old Goa  during the SFX Exposition, to  participate in  Masses  in foreign and  Indian  languages will draw  more tourists to the  State  during the  Exposition,” said Nilesh Cabral, Chairman  of Goa Tourism Development  Corporation.

Goa tourism  has  is expecting tourists to converge  at Old  Goa from  across the globe and India  in  large numbers and  are  optimistic that their  stay in Goa  will  be more  meaningful during the  SFX Exposition  2014. 



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