former chief minister pratapsingh rane is to be blamed for casinos in goa says state ncp president jose philip dsouza


03/11/2015 … President of the state nationalist congress party jose Philip dsouza has blamed the former chief minister pratapsingh rane for briniging casions in to goa stating that the curse brought by the congress had created lot of problems in the state for goans at large

It may be noted that the president of goa pradesh congress committee luizinho faleiro had recently stated that the state Congress party was concerned about the bad name Goa was getting due to Goa becoming the sin capital of India with gambling at casinos strongly increasing and had mentioned that the policy of successive governments including that of BJP and Congress of using casinos for promoting tourism was proving counter-productive and threatening the social and moral fabric thus affecting the youth and future generations of Goa.

Speaking exclusively to goanreporter. com state ncp president jose Philip dsouza said that it was the former chief minister and present opposition leader pratapsingh rane who had brought casino in the state due to which goans were facing a lot of problems in the state

mla from st cruz constituency babush monsoratte who has already made his presence shown in the ncp party said that it was sad to see the congress party asking for forgiveness on bringing casinos to goa

 meanwhile ncp spokesperson trojano dmello said that the congress comments on casinos were the crocodile tears which the congress themselves were to be blamed who had brought curses of casinos to goa





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