Former home minister ravi naik accuses bjp led government of trying to support event sun burn in goa


dec-19-2012 … Former home minister ravi naik on Wednesday accusing the bjp led government of trying to support events such as sun burn stated that though he had always raised his objections on the event to be held in goa the present government had made a u-turn over the matter and had gone ahead in giving the permissions to the organizers to hold the event in the state which had clearly indicated that the present bjp led government was supporting the sun burn event ….

It may be noted that Sunburn is an electronic dance music festival held over three days. The festival has multiple stages with artists playing simultaneously daily. The festival is an amalgamation of music, entertainment, food and shopping.

the present bjp led government who were earlier in the opposition side during the erstwhile congress regime had made a hue and cry over the sun burn issue stating asking for the event to be stopped being given permission to be hosted in the state but presently the state bjp led government thinking the event of being in the interest of state tourism has given a go ahead signal to host the sun burn event …

Speaking to goareporter the former home minister ravi naik said that various bad elements were coming down in to the state due to event such as sunburn and therefore such event had to be banned being organized in to the state

Naik said the present bjp led government had failed to maintain law and order situation in to the state of goa

 The former home minister also gave his views over the mining issue of the state saying that mining was a sensitive issue and therefore legal mining had to start in goa while the present government had taken a u turn on it …