goa bjp led government finally abolishes panchayat house tax


18-jan-2013 ….The state government finally notified the draft rules to impose house tax of only one rupee on all residential houses in Goa and is studying the process of trying to appoint a chief officer in certain state Panchayats which have higher income of revenue more than some of the state municipalities ….

Goa Panchayati Raj minister Laxmikant Parsekar said that the state bjp led government had fulfill another important promise made by his party in their election manifesto of abolishing house tax in panchayat areas …

The draft rules are proposed to further amend the Goa Panchayat Raj (Imposition of taxes, fees and other dues) Rules, 1998, published in the official gazette, series I No. 20, dated August 13, 1998.

The draft rules propose that all residential houses/structures irrespective of any size, type and period will pay tax of only one rupee per annum. The draft rules also propose that all premises used for business//commercial/residential purpose under rent back scheme for any period or premises rented for any period will pay as tax an amount equivalent to one month’s rent for each flat or each premises or each dwelling unit, per annum.

All objections and suggestions to the said draft rules may be forwarded to the director of panchayats and ex-officio joint secretary, government of Goa, at Junta House, Panaji, before the expiry of said fifteen days from the date of publication of this notification, so that the same may be taken into consideration at the time of finalization of the draft rules.

Speaking about the losses that the Panchayats would be facing due to abolishment of house tax Parsekar said that the state government would give funds as per the calculation taken out from the losses and deficit of the concerned Panchayat

Parsekar also stated that the state government was also in process of appointing a chief officer to certain Panchayat who were earning huge revenue income even more than the state municipalities