goa state bjp party warns trader’s not to create artificial vegetable shortage


22-04-2013 … The Goa BJP party on Monday warned traders not to create artificial shortage of vegetables in the market by hoarding vegetables in the wake of the protest on entry tax adopted by vendors from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

addressing a media press conference at the party head office in Panjim bjp spokesperson subash faldesai said that the state government would take action against those vendors who are found indulging in hoarding of vegetables and would keep a check on such vendors who were trying to keep artificial shortage.

Faldesai said that the tax was marginal one and the same revenue would help the state government in implementing more schemes and developmental projects

Faldesai also came down heavily on opposition party for working against the interest of the state by opposing the concept of entry tax and mentioned that the state congress party in their term of the government had not done anything good for the welfare of the state.

Meanwhile vegetable and essential commodities wholesalers from the capital market in Panjim mentioned that from Tuesday supply of vegetables and other essential commodities would be stopped entering in to the state by the vendors from Maharashtra and Karnataka after which there won’t be any vegetables and other essential commodities for goans