goa state mla’s found guilty in traffic violation


7-april-2013 … Five BJP, three independents including a minister and a Goa Vikas Party legislator were found violating traffic rules on last Friday morning when all the ten mla’s drew to the State Legislative Assembly complex from the Highway without wearing helmet, with one of the bike being without number plate.

Minutes before the state legislative assembly assembled for the day today, nine legislators on five high powered bikes rode to the assembly complex of which some bikes had no rear view mirrors and also to the surprise of all the security persons and traffic police stationed at the highly guarded complex.

BJP’s Glenn Ticlo, Pramod Sawant, Michael Lobo, Nilesh Cabral and  Carlose Almeida, Independents Avertano Furtado-fisheries minister, Rohan Khaunte and Naresh Sawal and Goa Vikas Party legislator Fransisco Miccky Pacheco drove to the complex on Harley Davidson and Enfield Bullets.

None of the legislators, who had discussed on the issue of compulsion of helmets on the highway in the current assembly session, were wearing helmets. Goa government has made helmet compulsory for the riders on the Highways, while pillion rider is exempted from being fined.

Speaking to media reporters over the issue Nuvem mla micky Pacheco said that he had not violated the rules and had worn a helmet till the gate of the assembly complex

Meanwhile commenting over the issue transport minister sudhin dhavlikar said that if any mla was found guilty of violating traffic rules that action would be taken on the concerned mla as the motor vehicles act

Meanwhile congress mla alexio reginaldo lourenco said that it was a bad precedent set up by some of the ruling mla’s to drive with the bikes without helmets

Meanwhile speaker on the goa legislative assembly rajendra arlekar said that he was not aware about any such thing taking place inside the assembly complex …