goa state police to start school policing


22/07/2015 … Stating that drugs was a serious matter of concern for the state police inspector general of police sunil garg has his department was all set to start little policing system in state schools from next month

It may be noted that the state police department has finalised a programme titled little police wherein participation of students would be involved in policing.

The programme will include students from high schools as well as higher secondary level wherein students will be given an opportunity to visit the police stations and to understand the police functioning. While doing this, the students will also get an opportunity to be a part of the police intelligence network.

As part of the programme, students will be made aware of crimes, the modus operandi and how it can be avoided from happening.

Students would also be made aware of traffic rules, how accidents occur, cyber laws, debit and credit card frauds, burglaries and other issues affecting the society.


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