Goan Reporter News: DGP Jaspal Singh and Director Harpreet Sandhu Unveil Trailer for Heritage Film ‘Attari Junction’ at Police Headquarters


Goa- 25th June2024 Trailer of upcoming heritage Film, “Attari Junction – A 161 year old Historic Railway Station” was today released by Director General of Police Goa Jaspal Singh ,IPS at Police Headquarters in , Panaji, Goa and said that the trailer will be an eye opener not only for people of Goa but all over India  and  for those who have interest in Punjab’s rich Heritage, Culture  making them aware about this significant railway junction having the history of 1947 partition and applauded the good work initiated by Harpreet Sandhu, Former Additional Advocate General Punjab and Director of the Film . DGP Goa Jaspal Singh further stated that the upcoming film Attari Junction historical significance lies close to the Wagah-Attari Border in Amritsar, Punjab.

Film Director Harpreet Sandhu shared that the Trailer showcases the Historic Attari Railway station which served not merely as a transit point; but it represented symbol of cross border connectivity and cultural exchange with Goa. He further stated that the upcoming documentary will focus on historical architecture of more than a century-old Attari railway station, which is a blend of Indo-Islamic and Victorian architectural styles, the arches and ornate facades showcasing an aura of grandeur and elegance of the bygone era which have seldom been highlighted earlier. It will also highlight unique historical significance and crucial role of Attari Railway Station in facilitating cross-border trade, tourism, and people-to-people interactions which apart of few from the older generation, majority are not aware regarding the prominence of this heritage railway station.