Goan Reporter News: WRD Minister urges Farmers to undertake Multicropping


Minister for Water Resource Department Shri Subhash Shirodkar commissioned the project “Sow and Grow, Make the Environment Clean and Green “Revival of Agriculture Project at Patto Fields, near St. Sebastian Chapel, Bandfoll, Chinchinim today.

Addressing the public Shri Shirodkar complimented the farmers association and ccommunidade for their unified efforts to bring 20 hectares of paddy fields under cultivation. He commited to make available canal water in the month of November in the entire State of Goa.

This will provide the required help to farmers to enable them to cultivate, bringing in more land under cultivation apart from getting multicrops in their fields, the Minister added.

Shri Shirodkar praised the locals for bringing greenery which helped with abundance of grains production. He appealed to the farmers to make the Chinchinim Village a model village of Goa in the cultivation activities.

Minister also inaugurated the harvesting of the field which was fallowland for almost three decades. But due to persistent efforts by Chinchinim Agricultural Club and support from WRD the farm of 50 acres was brought under cultivation, he added.

For this unstinted support of giving Canal water to about 200 farmers the Chinchinim Farmers Association termed the Minister as WATER MAN OF GOA.


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