Panaji: December 19, 2014 …. Governor of Goa, Smt Mridula Sinha has extended her greetings and best wishes to the people of Goa on the occasion of the Liberation Day of Goa.

 The Governor in her message has said, 19th December is a landmark occasion in the glorious history of Goa. It was on this day in the year 1961, that the territory of Goa was liberated from the 450 years’ old Portuguese colonial rule, thereby making it as an integral part of our Motherland. Freedom fighters from Goa and other parts of the country took part in this historic Goa Liberation Movement.

They suffered and sacrificed their precious lives for the noble cause of Goa’s liberation. The Indian Army, with their commendable courage and heroism, physically took over the control of the territory.

It is only appropriate that, on this memorable day, we recall the tremendous efforts made by our freedom fighters, their struggle, sufferings and sacrifices, and also the victorious action of the Army and express our gratitude to them. Let us pay homage to those who laid down their valuable life for the territory’s freedom.

 Following liberation from colonial rule, Goa joined the national mainstream in the all round progress. During the last 53 years of freedom, Goa has transformed into a highly progressive and promising State in our Country.

The achievements of the State in the Political, economic, social and cultural spheres have been truly noteworthy. 

The Governor said that credit goes to the Goan people for their progressive approach, peaceful living, adherence to democratic values, and their urge and ambition to take their State to greater heights of development. I have no doubt that the people of Goa, with their enterprising spirit, determination and receptiveness to many new ideas to further improve the quality of life, will take their State to still greater heights of socio-economic progress and prosperity.

 She said that, in pursuance of our national priorities and objectives, Goa continues to keep pace with the march of progress. While the past achievements have been spectacular, we need to refresh and renew our mission to achieve  higher growth of the economy and bring about qualitative improvement  in the life of the common people.

When we expect democracy to function as the “Government of the People, for the people and by the people”. I would like to remind my fellow citizens, that equally a great responsibility is cast on themselves to shape the future of their own State and the nation as a whole, and this is the inescapable truth of a democratic system. 

The Governor exuded confidenence that the people of Goa will not fall short of these expectations in giving their very best to the State and the country.  She  therefore, has  appealed to the people of Goa, on this auspicious occasion, to rededicate themselves to the highest ideals of democracy  and all-round progress of their State and the Country. My best wishes will always be with  them in their efforts,  she added.

The Governor further stated that, this pristine State of Goa is endowed with rich and abundant natural resources, and that is basically the reason for its being one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The State has a glorious history and distinct culture.

It is my sincere plea to the people to see this precious natural and cultural heritage is protected and preserved to their own future benefit and interest. The Government is implementing many programmes and is also contemplating more progressive measures.

To ensure the effective and speedy implementation of these progressive programmes, is not only the responsibility of the administration, but also the people who would ultimately be reaping the benefits. It is also important that the benefits of the policies and programmes should permeate to the lowest rungs of the society, particularly the weaker sections.

The Governor said, during the last three and–a-half months of her  stay in Goa,  She has observed that there is tremendous enthusiasm among the people for the future development of their State. It should be our efforts to adopt a balanced approach to development, which would be environmentally sensitive and sustainable.

At the same time. I have also observed an unfortunate trend of increasing crimes against women and girl children in the state. This undesirable trend badly affects the image of the State and the country. Our law enforcement agencies should take serious note of this.

The people  should also make their contribution to address this serious problem which is threatening our social and cultural fabric. As Goa passes through a silent and positive revolution on the socio-economic front, let us also make  serious  efforts to protect and preserve the rich family, social and cultural values that we have inherited in our country for time immemorial. 

The Governor said, another problem which Goa is  facing  today is lack of cleanliness in various places. In this context, She said, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra  Modi, has nominated  her as one of the nine personalities to pursue the clean India Mission.

I have nominated  9  personalities for this purpose, out of which   4 are from Goa  itself. I have also constituted a 12- member committee to chalk out programme in this regard. I have been meeting and interacting with different sections of the Goan society in order to achieve the objectives. The Governor has appealed to fellow  citizens to extend their contribution to this important mission, in order to make our State the cleanest place in the country, which will bring credit to one and all.


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