Government has made available adequate infrastructure for the industry sector for operating their industries in the State. The onus to provide and avail employment opportunities to eligible local youth lies upon the stakeholders industries. IT industries in collaboration with the Government through the TIP cell of Directorate of Higher Education have strived to provide employment to Goan youth, said Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant after officially inaugurating Training, Internship & Placement ( TIP ) Cell of Directorate of Higher Education at a function held at Patto in the City today.

The Chief Minister said the creation of the Training, Internship & Placement (TIP) Cell with tagline “Inspire to Aspire”, an initiative under New Education Policy by the Directorate of Higher Education, has an objective to provide jobs to Goan youth in the industry sector.

The Chief Minister underscored the need to develop a culture where a child learns to decide about his career and begins to work at an early age. He congratulated the aspiring graduates of Bsc. Computer Science students who are fortunate to receive placement in IT industries when they were in their final year.

The Chief Minister further said the Directorate of Higher Education from the last three years has endeavored to conduct placement drives for Bsc. Computeri Science Students of various colleagues which resulted in recruiting around 40 IT Students for IT industries in Goa. He appreciated the representatives of various IT industries for providing employment avenues for Goan IT students.

The 40 students who received placement from IT industries in Goa and who are already employed were given offer letters at the hands of the Chief Minister.

The Director of Higher Education Shri Prasad Lolyenkar IAS in his welcome address informed that under TIP initiative students pursuing IT courses from various colleges were invited to attend the placement drive and as a result 40 students were directly recruited and issued offer letters today. He appreciated the Stakeholders of the IT industry sector for extending cooperation during training and placement drives.

IT Industry Association Representative, Shri Milind Anvekar in his address informed that there require around 300 IT graduates for IT industries in Goa. Earlier they were struggling to get IT graduates for IT industries, he said and added that the Goa Government helped them through the TIP cell for which he thanked the Government. He said the IT industry particularly in Goa is very high. Four IT companies in Goa have employed more than 1300 students from Goa. There is a big demand for IT graduates for the IT industry and the demand is much more than the supply he informed.

DHE TIP Cell, Co-ordinator Shri Neon Mashon presented the report of TIP cell.

Secretary, Education, Shri Ravi Dhavan, IAS TCS, CSR Head Miss Swapnal Chakravarty, State Higher Education Council Member Smt Vandana Naik and others attended the function.


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