has no hesitation on ccp reservation policy says st cruz mla babush monsoratte


St cruz mla babush monsoratte on Thursday said that his panel had no hesitation over the reservation policy which was amended by the state government for the post of mayor or deputy mayor’s elections which was schedule for 4th of april next month …

It may be noted that the urban development minister francis dsouza recently had Though there were speculations that the ccp elections for the post of mayor and deputy mayor could be held probably with no reservations to either post urban development minister francis dsouza speaking to media reporters had earlier said that reservations for a women was a must and the schedule ccp elections would have to take the concerned factor of reservations in to its account starting it from the schedule elections

Speaking to goanreporter st cruz mla babush monsoratte said his panel was prepared for any challenges to be faced at the time of the elections as the fear was in the opposition panel of losing the ccp mayor and deputy mayor post

meanwhile commenting over the issue chief minister Manohar Parrikar said that the issue of reservation would start once the amendment was done to the ccp act and there was no reason for opposition to go in to the well of the house to create chaos over ccp issue