Health Minister emphasis on need of upgradation of Hospitals in Goa


Stating that there was a need to upgrade the present Pre Plucked 360 Lace Frontal goa medical college hospital along with the two district hospitals of the state, state health minister laxmikhant parsekar on Tuesday mentioned that the need of the hour was to upgrade the major hospitals of the state so that the same hospitals could be well connected with a good network of 108 ambulances with educate number of doctors and nurses which are specialist and qualified ones ….

The health minister was speaking to goan reporter on the sidelines of the function held at the corlim primary health centre in tiswaddi taluka, where in a multi purpose van was donated by sygenta India limited to the corlim primary health centre as a part of their corporate social responsibilities on Saturday …

mr parsekar said “ though I personally feel that there may be need of small bedded hospitals in certain places in the state but goa being a small place what is important is that the goa medical college hospital which is also an education institute and which gives tertiary type of health care along with the two district hospitals was the need to be upgraded, maintained well so that these hospitals are in a position to cater to all the people of the state with a goods network of 108  and for that if need be we might add more vehicles to it but or we cant think of have hospitals independently in each taluka’s and in each constituencies as hospital is not just the structure or the building but manpower is also important and unless you have educate number of specialist and qualified doctors and nurses you could not have a hospital and you cant say that it is a hospital”

parsekar said “After I took over as the health minister my government has recruited about 100 nos of doctors in last eight and half months as well added 164 nurses in last week and in another forth-night  we are adding about 125 nurses, a fleet of about 300 nurses is being added to health sector and now as regards to medical education is concerned we have decided to increase the no of mbbs students from 100 to 150 and so from also next coming academic year we are also increase the nursing capacity from fifty to hundred and also we intend to start post graduation courses in nursing in goa which we do not have” ..

parsekar also mentioned “We have also initiated steps to have para-medical courses which we do not have here and one important decision we are taking is that the post graduate students after completion would be required to put in one year of service and with the help for these post-graduate specialist and consultants we would be in a position to see that all primary health centers and community health centers in rural areas function well