Panaji; September 11, 2014 …. In view of increase in the incident of crime in South Goa District by the persons who came from outside state and from other circumstance facts, the District Magistrate, South Goa has ordered that Owners, Management of all Hotels, Lodging and Boarding, Private Guest House, Paying Guest Accommodation. Temporary Residential Accommodation of all religious bodies to prohibit any visitors, guest to check – in without providing any identity proof such as Election Card, Driving License, Smart Card, Employment Card, Adhar Card or any other photo identity card issued by the recognized authority.

No landlords, tenants,  owner, person of any house, property which falls under the territorial jurisdiction of south Goa District, shall let, sublet or rent out any accommodation to any person unless and until they furnished the particular of the tenants to the Police Station of the concerned area.

Similarly all the person who intend to take accommodation on rent or otherwise also shall inform in writing in this regard to the In – Charge of Police Station of the area in whose jurisdiction the premises fall.

The person dealing in property business shall inform in writing to the Police Station-In-Charge of the nearest Police Station about the particular of other tenants and Purchasers.

The above information shall be submitted in duly prescribed forms available in the local police station by the landlord within a week.

Any person contravening this order shall be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

The Supdt. of Police, South Goa, the SDPO of Margao, Quepem, Murmugao and the Police Inspector/SHO’s of the respective Police Station are hereby authorized to file FIR on behalf of the State in the Court if any persons found contravening the above order which shall be punishable under Section 188 of Indian Penal Code.

This order will come into force with effect from September 2, 2014 and will remain in operation for a period of 60 days.