Panaji: Feb 9, 2015 …. The Human Resource Development Corporation has in a Press Release stated that 400 security personnel of Goa Recruitment Society (GRES) who have undergone training have been given the placement in GMC Complex , Bambolim and Kala Academy , Panaji with effect from February 1, 2015.

About 200 employees engaged by GRES have been withdrawn and GRES has offered alternate employment in other units for which they were advised to report to the Society’s office before February 7, 2015. About 80 female GRES employees engaged in GMC and other Hospital have been asked to continue by GRES. Thus, the GRES has not removed any employee in these five units and offered them the placement in, other units wherever there are vacant positions.

As far GHRDC is concerned, we are selecting and recruiting the people as per the laid down norms and the entire system is open and transparent.

As per the announcement of the Government of Goa while selecting the personnel in security and housekeeping, the employees of GRES will be given special relaxation in age, education and selection test with a view to accommodate maximum suitable personnel form GRES. This process is going on there is no scope for any opposition or agitation  on this issue.

The Goa Human Resources Development Corporation is formed by the Government of Goa with a view to generate employment amongst the unemployed youth by providing them training and developing skills for all types of services like house-keeping, security maintenance etc.

by imparting training and developing skills amongst the unemployed youth, the Corporation can develop the quality manpower which can undertake various types of jobs in the Government Departments and other organizations.

 The corporation has advertised in the local newspapers on July 4, 2014 for five hundred vacancies of trainee Security Guards and 100 Trainee Housekeeping Attendants. After undergoing the election tests, 400 persons Trainee Security Guards were selected and they have undergone four months theoretical and practical training. Out of this, 256 trainee personnel were belonging to Goa Recruitment and Employment.

The Corporation has published the second advertisement for another 500 Trainee Security Guards on December 3, 2014. The Corporation has received the total response of 2600 candidates and there are about 950 applicants belonging to GRES. All suitable candidates have undergone the first round of Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and the second round of PET will be conducted after February 18, 2015 as the code of conduct is applicable to Panaji City.