India wins Gold in the Women’s Singles Final at the Lusofonia Games 2014


23-01-2014 … One medal isn’t enough for the outperforming dynamic Indian super squad. After the men battled against each other for the ‘Men’s doubles Bronze Medal’, an hour later the women found themselves fighting it out for the ‘Women’s Singles Gold’ title.

 It was a neck to neck game with both players determined to bag the Gold. Madhurika won the first set with a fierce motive. Self motivated and gushing with aggression Madhurika played with great intensity and skill. Shamini as her stature and game plan was composed and focused throughout. The match came down to a clenching nail biter as Shamini fought back with consistency in the last set beating her team mate with a final score of  4 – 2.

 Final score: 

5 – 11

11 – 5

11 – 7

5 – 11

11 – 7

11 – 3

 Madhurika Patkar and Shamini Kumaresan have represented India in the most prestigious championships in the world. Shamini had led the women’s squad in the Commonwealth Games 2010.

 Addressing the upcoming stars in India, The women’s singles champion Shamini said; “Work hard, give it all that you have and once you get to play for the country, you should play for the country more than yourself. Keep trying and don’t quit easily”. Inspiring and motivating words from the Gold medalist were absorbed with gratitude by the Indian youngsters.

 Honoured and proud to play for her country, Shamini Kumaresan said, “Table tennis is all about focus and concentration and i did that today. I aspire to be the best someday and be number one in India as well. I loved the support from the crowd. It was truly incredible, especially yesterday for the team matches. Hearing them cheer I felt like I had to play for THEM (India).

 When asked about her frame of mind and strategy while playing crucial games, Shamini said, “While playing table tennis you’re either in the composed or excited zone and if you’re excited it’s very difficult to get into the composed zone.  So it’s very important to maintain composure during the game.’