indians attain the feet of climbing mt stok kangri in ladakh region


22/07/2014 … They climbed with pride and honour of Goa. 14 Goan mountaineers along with 2 climber’s from Karnataka and 1 from Kerala climbed Mt. Stok Kangri (elevation 6,153 m (20,182 feet) is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region on 6th July 2014.

The peak is located in Hemis National Park, 12 km southwest of the trailhead at 3,610 m(11,845 feet) in the village of Stok and 24 km southwest of the Ladakhi capital of Leh. Despite its altitude, Stok Kangri is a popular peak and is often climbed as an initial non-technical foray into high altitude mountaineering.

The expedition was undertaken to commemorate the 50 years of Goa liberation. This was a personal endeavour for the team which managed the funding through personal contributions. Mr. Prasad Joshi renowned mountaineer who led the successful climb was all praise for the entire team that managed to acclamatise very quickly to the rare atmosphere and climb the peak in 5 days besides adjusting to walking on snow and ice in the lower reaches of the glacier.

The team comprised of Mr. T. Machiv and Mr. Abhishek Singh from Calangute, Mr. Prasad Joshi(Expedition leader), Mr. Keerthivardhan Raju from Altinho, Panjim, Mr. Tapen Khadka from Bambolim, Mr. Dilip Patil from Merces, Mr. Rajesh Khedekar from Mapusa, Mr. Ramesh Barad from Goa velha, Mr. Raghavendra Khote from Bicholim, Mr. Yashwant Gawas from Sanqlim, Dr. Ajit Nagashikar of GMC Bambolim Mr. Kishore Dogra from Vasco, Mr. Rajesh from Madgaon, Mr. Harish Reddy and Mr. Dattu from Bangalore and Mr. Karichery Madhu from Kerela .

The expedition team then undertook a days motorbike expedition to Khardung last the highest motorable road in the world. The team returned back to goa on 14TH JULY 2014. This Expedition was organized by Prajosh Adventures Panjim Goa.