Konkan Railway TTE saves drugged passengers


07/08/2014 …. Konkan Railway TTE, Shri V K Chendavankar, is being lauded for his good work for saving lives of 3 passengers who were stated to be drugged in Mangala Express train and were found unconscious by him. He got them admitted to local hospital at Chiplun for medical treatment and saved their lives.

The details of the case are that when train no. 12618 Nizamuddin – Ernakulam Mangala Express reached Panvel at about 0930 hrs on 3/8/2014, the Konkan Railway TTE, Shri V K Chendavankar, boarded the train for ticket checking duty at Panvel. While checking coach no. S-10 around Roha station, he realized that 2 passengers in the coach at berth no. 50, 51 were unconscious and another passenger at berth no.53 was semi-conscious. Upon enquiring with the semi-conscious lady passenger, it came to light that all of them were related and that someone had offered them tea when the train was around Nashik station and upon drinking the tea they had all fallen unconscious.

Without wasting time, the TTE passed message to RPF Control of Konkan Railway who alerted the RPF and the medical staff at Kolad and Chiplun stations. The TTE contacted the relative of the semi-conscious passenger on her phone who asked the TTE to bring the passengers to Madgaon, but seeing the gravity of the case, the TTE convinced the passenger to alight at Chiplun where they can be provided medical aid. After she agreed, the 3 passengers were detrained at Chiplun station and readily escorted to Life Care Hospital at Chiplun by ambulance with RPF and medical staff of Konkan Railway.

The 3 passengers Shri Bala (age-58 yrs), Smt. Jaya (age-51 yrs), and Smt. Lily (age-49 yrs) (names changed) – are all from Kerala. A purse containing cash of Rs. 22000/-, Gold Chain of 03 tolas, 03 Gold bangles, ATM card, ID card etc are reported to be stolen from their belongings.

Further inquiry into the matter revealed that these 3 passengers were offered tea by some co-passengers. They have refused to file any complaint. However, Konkan Railway has forwarded the details of the case to Central Railway.

Konkan Railway permitted these three passengers to travel on same ticket in train no.12618 Dn Mangala Exp of following day.

Konkan Railway, on its section from Kolad to Thokur, regularly conducts surprise checks and escorts important trains which has acted as deterrent to criminals on the section in past few years. However, passengers are urged not to accept eatables from strangers and be vigilant