Newly appointed cabinet minister micky Pacheco takes over charge as minister for Rda, archives and archeology in the state bjp led government in goa


17/11/2014 …. Newly appointed minister for rda, archives and archeology micky Pacheco has said that he would like to seek cooperation from every village panchayat as well as zilla panchayat members of the state so as to get going in carrying out developmental works in every panchayat and zilla panchayat constituency ….

The nuvem mla micky pacheco was recently inducted in to the bjp led laxmikhant Parsekar led government cabinet

Speaking to goanreporter after taking over as the rda, archives and archaeology minister micky Pacheco said that though he has been able to handle any department given to him by his chief minister he would like to sit with his department team and get going with the developmental works in panchayat as well as zilla panchayat areas

Pacheco also asked panchayat as well as zilla panchayat members to come with their proposals to his rda department assuring to get it done soon as possible …