Nigerian National arrested by Calangute Police for Drugs


P R E S S      R E L E A S E


Brief facts:

Dec-11-2012 … Calangute Police has arrested another Nigerian National for illegal possession of Narcotic drugs. On 11.12.2012, a secret information was received and immediately a team was formed under the Supervision of PI Nolasco Raposo and  a raid was conducted near Bobs Inn Bar & Restaurant, Xemer Candolim. During raid one Nigerian national Mr. Emmanual Joshua was found in illegal possession of 2 grams Cocaine W/Rs. 14,000/- approximately, cash of Rs. 150/- & one Nokia mobile phone.


In this connection, an offence vide Cr.No.282/12 u/s 20(a) of NDPS Act registered at Calangute PS.  Accused has been arrested and in Police custody.


During investigation it is learnt that the foreigner was staying in the rented room in a Guest House of Mama Cecilia at Candolim. Action is also being initiated against the proprietor Joao Silvera of Mama Cecilia Guest House, Simer, Candolim for not submitting the “C” Form as per Foreigners Act.

In 2012 Calangute Police Station has booked 12 drug cases, out of which 08 Nigerians have been arrested in 06 cases.


Police team:

PI Nolasco Raposo, PSI Harish Gawas, PCs-Girish Rawool, Rama Sawal & Shaibaj Shaikh of Calangute Police Station.


i)                    2 grams Cocaine w/Rs.14,000/-

ii)                  One Nokia Mobile phone

iii)                Cash of Rs.150/-.

All w/Rs.20,000/-

Previous involvement/History of accused, if any.

Accused was previously arrested in

(i) FIR No.179/2012 u/s 21(b) 20(b)(ii)(a) NDPS ACT 1985 of  Calangute PS

(ii) FIR NO. 124/12 u/s 7(1)(3) of Foreigners Order 1948 r/w 14 of foreigners Act of

Calangute PS

(iii) FIR No.218/2012 u/s 143, 147,  353 r/w 149 IPC of Calangute PS

(iv) FIR No.220/2012 u/s 160 IPC of Calangute PS

         Further investigation of the case is in progress.