no harm to cut down a coconut if the same creates hindrances in development

Goan Reporter News Services
31/06/2016 … Agriculture minister ramesh tawadkar has said that there was no harm to cut down a coconut palm if the same coconut could create hindrances for development of the state …
Addressing media persons in panjim mr tawadkar said that the issue of coconut was made in to a political issue by certain politicians in the state though the state government thinking was only to help common man from helping in difficult times while trying to cut down a coconut palm
Commenting on the dairy milk issues Mr tawadkar said that goa dairy had failed to promote dairy farmers in the state and had totally failed in its production system
Tawadkar also stated that his government would put a clause to the sumul dairy unit to sell its products at a low rate than the market rate


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