North goa mp shripad naik and bicholim mla naresh sawal ask for urgent need of solving mayem custodian issue


16-jan-2013 … North goa member of parliament shripad naik on Monday said that there was an urgent need to solve the mayem custodian issue as soon as possible so that the people of mayem could be free from the custodian rule and therefore would not mind to help the locals if there was any need from the centre

It may be noted that taking a dig at the delay in the act of the State government for the delay in solving the Mayem custodian issue, the Mayem Nagrik Kruti Samiti on Sunday had set January 26 as the deadline to solve the issue or else had decided to go on indefinite agitation near the Secretariat at Porvorim from January 28.

the decision on the same was taken at a a special meeting called by the Samiti at Mahamaya Library hall Mayem where in some of the speakers at the meeting came down heavily on the government for its decision to solve the issue in a phased manner.

Speaking to media reporters at the secretariat at porvorim north goa mp shripad naik said the issue had to be solved as early as possible and would not mind to help the mayem locals if there was a need of help to be taken from the centre for the issue to be solved

Bicholim mla naresh sawal said that the previous congress led government had failed to solve the mayem issue but had confidence in the Parrikar led government that the issue would be solved as early as possible

as an mla from the neighboring constituency sawal also stated that he would be behind the mayem locals and also supported the deadline given by the locals over the issue