office of lokayukta in goa to function frome april 5th


03-04-2013 … The office of Goa’s first Lokayukta, headed by Justice B Sudershan Reddy, will now begin functioning from April 5.

Though presently the office is located at the government guest house at Altinho which is a temporary arrangement state government has allocated a part of the Old GMC building at Ribandar as the permanent office of the Goa Lokayukta.

Justice Reddy, former judge of the Supreme Court, took the oath of office two weeks ago.
Speaking to media reporter’s justice reddy said lokayukta day to day function would start from 5th of April from 10 am onwards and would be received everyday from Monday to Friday

Appealing to the various sections of the society in goa Reddy said that all should work together in helping the institution in consolidating itself so that corruption was eradicate from the land of goa

Meanwhile even though justice reddy had said that the office would take complaints from 5th of April social activist advocate Aires Rodrigues became the first complainant to file a complaint at the office of lokayukta in goa

Adv. Aires Rodrigues on Wednesday filed a complaint before the Goa Lokayukta against Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who is also the Planning Minister and Dattaprasad Kholkar, Deputy Chairman of the Goa State Planning Board.

in his complaint under Section 11 of the Goa Lokayukta Act aires has accused Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Planning Board Deputy Chairman Mr. Dattaprasad Kholkar of having misused their office to high-handedly, illegally and fraudulently appoint one Diksha D. Pednekar as Peon in the office of the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Board. .