Panaji:April 4, 2018 … A survey was conducted in Panaji city by Panaji Traffic Police and 199 vehicles are identified as ‘abandoned vehicles’ within the limits of Panaji city-  101 two wheelers, 93 four wheelers, 05 Auto Rickshaws. From the looks of these vehicles, it is evident that these vehicles are not being used for a number of days and parked idle and occupying precious parking space in Panaji city. Some businessmen are using these vehicles as store room/godown to keep their goods in these vehicles. Even some junk vehicles are found parked on the road.

As per section 127(1) of the M.V Act 1988, any such vehicles which are left unattended for more than 10 hours will be considered as an abandoned vehicle.

The owners of these ‘abandoned vehicles’ are requested to remove these vehicles from the parking lots of Panaji city within 07 days, so that the parking is made available for the parking of other vehicles. After 07 days, a fresh survey will be conducted and a list of such vehicles still lying at the spot will be sent to the District Magistrate, North Goa and the Commissioner, CCP for beginning the process of auction after serving notice to the owners of these vehicles u/s 133 of M.V. Act. In past, about 50 such ‘abandoned vehicles’ have been auctioned by CCP after the owners failed to claim these vehicles.

Members of the public are requested to cooperate with traffic police and remove such abandoned vehicles from the parking lots of Panaji city. In future, if any such ‘abandoned vehicles’ are found occupying parking space in the city, such vehicles will be towed away and kept at CCP Yard, without giving any intimation to the owners of these vehicles at the cost of owners.