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Panaji, January 08, 2013 ….. In view of the contamination of water distribution lines at Cortim-Mala-Fontainhas, though the situation is brought under control by PWD, it is still  advisable to take necessary precautions by the public to prevent Waterborne and Foodborne infections viz Typhoid, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Viral Hepatitis etc.

Common symptoms of these infections are Fever, Nausea, Vomiting, Loose Motions, Jaundice, Abdominal Pain and Fatigue.

These diseases are easily preventable and general public is requested to take following measures for prevention.  Good personal hygiene is the single most important preventive measure; Consumption of boiled water i.e. water should be boiled for atleast  2C min  before consumption; Consume freshly cooked food; Do not consume water, milkshakes, fruit juices and eatables from roadside vendors; Maintain cleanliness  in surrounding and do not throw garbage in open; Never do self-medication or take medicines directly from chemist shop.  Medicines should always  be taken after getting proper advice from a qualified doctor.

All cases with above mentioned symptoms should immediately report  to the nearest  Health Centre or Physician.



Panaji, January 8, 2013 …. E Governance is the perfect conceptual solution for smooth and transparent functioning of the Government process stated MLA and Chairman of ITG Shri Subhash Phaldessai today while addressing the gathering after inaugurating the seminar on Specialized Training for E-Governance Programme at Internatinal Centre, Donapaula. Fishing Trips in Goa

The Seminar has been organized by the Department of Information and Technology in association with Goa Electronics Ltd, and ITG which was attended by the HOD’s of various Government Departments.

Speaking further Shri Phaldesai said, E – Governance creates ways for transparency, cost reduction, instant response and productive output to the citizens in the state. The Goa Government has taken up this project on war footing in order to bring the various government schemes to the doorstep of the people, he added.

Dattaprasad Naik, Chairman of GEL, Shri Piyush Gupta, Associates Vice President of National Associates, Shri Subhash Bhatnagar, Advisor to NIC, Hydrabad, Shri B. S. Borkar, MD, GEL, Shri J. S. R. Anand, SIO, NIC graced the inaugural function.

Earlier Shri Nilesh Phaldesai, Director, DOIT welcomed the guests. Ms, Sneha Sirsat compered the function.

state bjp party annouces its state executive committee


8-jan-2013 …. The state bharatiya janata party on Tuesday announced its state executive committee which along with its present vinayak tendulkar would have six vice presidents, two general secretary, six secretaries, four spokesperson and a organization general secretary …

The committee would also have 60 members along with 21 permanent invitees which includes chief minister Manohar Parrikar, north goa mp shripad naik, bjp minister’s, mla’s  and fourteen members as special invitees …

Addressing media briefing at the party head office in Panjim on Tuesday afternoon bjp president vinay tendulkar gave more details of the state executive committee names listed for the next three year term…

 the state executive committee has six vice presidents  such as dattaprasad, prabhakar kholkar, govind parvatkar, anil hoble, neena naik, sanjay harmalkar, nilesh cabral, along with two general secretaries- sadanand tanawade, narendra sawaikar, six secretaries- shilpa naik, sheikh jina, satyavijay naik, siddhi shetye, bhamtu velip, josehpine d’cruz, one treasurer- sanjeev desai, four spokesperson- vishnu wagh, dr wilfred mesquita, damu naik, dr pramod sawant along with a general secretary organisation satish dhond

goa state police department initiates Women Helpline – 1091 in goa.


7-jan-2013 … Women in the society are vulnerable to various forms of crime including sexual assault, eve teasing and domestic violence. Every women victim deserves not only a patient hearing at the Police Station by the Reporting Officer, but also a quick response and follow up on her complaint, so that her trust and confidence in law enforcement agency does not get lost.  In order to fine tune the response of police officers at the police station level and increase the accessibility and health of women victims certain concrete measures have been adopted for the existing mechanism of Women Parasailing in Goa Helpline to ensure that women victims of crime get quick justice.

1091 an exclusive Women Help Line Number of Goa Police will be functional round the clock in Central Police Control Room, Panaji.

The dedicated Help line number (1091) can be dialed by any women victim of crime in the Central Police Control Room.

The calls received centrally by Central Police Control Room (CPCR) will be immediately transferred to the nearest Police Control Room vans as well as respective jurisdictional police stations for further necessary action.

The PCR calls related to victims who are resident of Panaji Town and Margao Town will be handled exclusively by the Women Police Stations situated in Panaji as well as Margao.

All such calls related to both these towns will be referred to the concerned Women Police Stations by Central Police Control Room (CPCR).

However, all other calls will be referred to by the Central Police Control Room (CPCR) to respective police stations and will be handled by the respective Police Stations only.

Redistribution of Women Police:

Ø   Every Police Station will have 2-3 LPC and 2-3 LHC.

Ø   Women PS will have 1 PI, 2 WPSI and adequate number of LPCs/LHCs.

Reaching out to people on regular basis:

Regular communication by local Police with people to understand their problems related to various aspects of policing is very important.  It is in this backdrop Goa Police has recently launched “Saad – Sanvaad” community policing scheme where regular interaction by District SsP has started in their respective jurisdiction.

To make senior officers available for redressal of public grievances, the District SsP in South and North and all SDPOs will be available for members of public on working days at their respective district Headquarters between 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm.  Residents can meet them with their problems.

All PIs of PS will also be available for hearing public grievances in their respective Police Stations between 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm daily.

Any complainant who is not satisfied with local PI, and has also exhausted other proper channels of grievance redressal can meet Director General of Police, Goa on working day between 11 a.m. to 12 p.m

members of goa mining people’s front meet chief minister manohar parrikar sought as why state government has not put their say over the mining issue in the supreme court


7-jan-2013 … Members of the goa people’s mining front on Monday met the state chief minister Manohar Parrikar and sought to know about the state government progress over the schemes meted out for the mining affected people especially for the truck owners association ….

The members of the truck owners association sought to know from the chief minister as why the state government had not kept their say in the supreme court till date over the mining issue and also insisted on getting the trucks under the edc department for loan repayment to various banks and also has asked for a sum of rs fifty thousand for each truck owner and twelve thousand for each goan driver under the mining affected package scheme ….

Speaking to media reporter a member of south goa truck owner’s association Prasad phaldesai said that they has questioned the state chief minister Manohar Parrikar as why his government had not put their say in the court till date on which chief minister Parrikar had said that the state government would put their say in the supreme court on 17th of this month when the hearing would come up in the court …

Prasad also said that the members had also asked the chief minister to forfeit their trucks yearly road tax payment..

Meanwhile another member of the association Mahesh angle said that at the moment they were not interested in any package as such but were asking the government to impress upon rbi to stop sending them the letters of repayments of loans taken for purchase of trucks ..




Panaji, January 04, 2012 … Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar today said that his Government has fullfilled almost all the assurances given to the people of the state during election. He appealed to the people to support the Government in the process of development and maintain conducive and positive atmosphere in the state to enable the government work for the interest of the state and its people.

Launching the unique Griha Aadhar scheme by distributing sanction letters to 360 beneficiaries from Tiswadi taluka under Griha Aadhar scheme to be implemented under  the Directorate of  Women and Child Development in the city today the Chief Minister said under the Griha Aadhar scheme as many as 7703 sanction letters were given to the beneficiaries in the state today.

He said the benefit of the schemes be it Griha Aadhar, Ladli Laxmi, Dayanand Social Security scheme is being extended to the people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. However, to implement the welfare schemes effectively what is required is positive and not negative atmosphere  he asserted.

Shri Vishnu Wagh, MLA, and Chairman of Kala Academy, Smt Vaidehi Naik, Mayor CCP Panaji, and Shri P. Krishnamurthy, Secretary Women and Child Development were present on the occasion.

The Griha Adhar Scheme envisages an amount of Rs 1000/- per month for house wife.

The Chief Minister reiterated that his Government is committed for the welfare of needy and poor people and in the same breath said that efforts are being made to fulfill  all the assurances given to the people in next two years. He also listed various schemes of the Government including  recently launched KTC Monthly Bus Pass facility. He disclosed that electronic Ration card system will be started in Goa in next two months.

Shri Vishnu Wagh MLA and Smt Vaidehi Naik complimented the Chief Minister for having conceived the idea of launching Griha Aadhar scheme which they pointed out will ease the financial burden of house wives to sustain livelihood.

Earlier Smt Varsha S. Naik, CDPO, ICDS Tiswadi taluka who welcomed the gathering urged the women to focus on education for their empowerment.

Press Release For the day as on 27.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered


Press Release For the day as on 27.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered

                             at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.                    

                    NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PANAJI PS: Shri Abdul Rehman r/o Scuba Diving in Goa   Merces complained that on 25.12.12 at 01.15  near  Children’s  garden Campal,, unknown  accused person  rode his Activa  scooter in a  rash and negligent  manner and  on reaching  near  Childrens  garden Campal, without  taking proper cautions took his  scooter  towards right side  and dashed  to pulsar  M/Cycle  No.GA-07-F-0731  as a result of the impact  he fell down on the  road and  sustained  fracture  injury to his  left  leg. Further unknown rider of Activa scooter fled away from the spot along with his scooter. Cr.No.386/12 u/s 279, 338 and 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act stands registered. HC- Sanjeev V. Salunke is I.O.

CALANGUTE PS: Mr. Manohar Parulkar complained that between 23.00 hrs. on 26.12.12 to 09.15 hrs. on 27.12.12 un shop  No.441 B Web  World, Wadi-Candolim, unknown accused   person effected  entry into his  shop by  breaking  the wire  net  fitted  to the  hole of  exhaust  fan and committed  theft of  cash of Rs.8,00,000/- including  both  Indian  and  foreign currency. Cr.No.303/12 u/s 457, 380 IPC stands registered.

PONDA PS: Shri Irfan s/o Haidar Khan, age 38 yrs. r/o Ganjem- Usgao complained that on 26.12.12 at 13.30 hrs,  at Usgao, accused  person Mohammed Ishmit s/o Mohammed Akhtar, age 19 yrs,  r/o Betoda  n/o  U.P. driving  Rickshaw No. GA-02-V-6837, stole  six big old  tyres  and  one  sumo Jeep  tyre  belonging  to him  which  were kept  in an open  public  place  in front of his house  all W/Rs. 10,000/-. Cr.No.395/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. ASI P.B.  Gawade is I. O.

ECONOMIC CELL PANAJI:Shri  Edney Herdia  r/o  Edmar House , Ella-Old Goa  complained that  between October 2011  to till date at  Banners Broker India  Ltd. , Alfran Plaza  Panaji,  accused  person  namely  Mrs.  Ana Luisa Onofre Alves Bento  and others induced  him and others to invest  in the  company styled  as  Banners Broker Indi a Ltd. with promise  of high returns and when was entrusted  with his funds  and of other  investors, failed  to provide the promised returns,  misappropriated  the funds  and hence  cheated the him  and other  Goan  investors  to the  tune of Rs.15 lakh approx.  The scheme  of the  company  is also  in the  contravention  of the Prize chits and  money  circulation  schemes ( banning )  Act  1978 . Cr.No.41/12 u/s 406, 420 IPC and u/s 4, 5, 6, of the Prize   chits and money circulation schemes Act 1978 is registered. PSI S.  Padwalkar is I.O.


CUNCOLIM PS: On 27.12.12, one Miss Suvarna d/o Chandrakant Velip, age 30 yrs. r/o Kasapwada Chawdi, Netravali  Sanguem  admitted in  GMC Bambolim  as a  case of burn  injuries, expired while undergoing medical treatment. U.D.No.37/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PI R. V. Raut Desai is I.O.

VASCO PS: Vivek Kumar r/o INS Hansa Dabolim complained that on 13.11.12 between 10.00 hrs.  to 11.00 hrs.  at place  not known  unknown  person impersonated  him and  withdrew cash of  Rs. 1,23,140/-  by different  transaction  from the  debit card of SBI, Chicalim  Branch  belonging  to him  through the  internet  thereby  cheated  him  to the  tune of Rs.1,23,140. Cr.No.250/12 u/s 419 IPC and 43, 66-C and 66-D of Information and Technology Act 2000. PI R. A.  Shetgaonkar is I. O.


Sister of the victim girl complained that on 03.08.12 at about 10.00 hrs.  near  Mahalsa  Temple, IDC, Verna  accused  person  namely 1)  Shabu Khan, Contractor, 2) Manoj  and 3)  Sunil both  Security Guard ( full name  and address not known)  kidnapped  victim girl , age 06 yrs.  from their lawful custody. Cr.No.198/12 u/s 363 and Sec 8 of Goa Children Act stands registered.

goa to observe national road safety week


28-dec-2012 … The 24th National Road Safety Week will be observed from 1st to 7th January, 2013 in the state of Goa.  This year the theme is “Stay Alive, Don’t Drink & Drive”. Goa Traffic Police being one of the stake holders has decided to undertake various activities during this week for spreading the Road Safety Awareness amongst all road users including pedestrians and students. Goa Traffic Police will be conducting various Traffic Education Programme all over Goa covering students, road users, motorists etc. Besides these, following are the competitions organized to create awareness amongst the School children and citizens on Traffic Rules and disciplines.

1.      Essay Writing Competition: An Essay Competition will be held for Senior Citizens on topic “Traffic Problems Then & Now – What Younger Generation should learn from us?” The Essay will be of maximum 500 words and the best three entries will be awarded Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- & Rs. 1,000/- respectively.

2.      Essay Writing Competition: This will be held for Higher Secondary Students and the topic will be “Traffic Rules and Your Parents”. The Essay will be of maximum 500 words and the best three entries will be awarded Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- & Rs. 1,000/- respectively and three Consolation Prizes of Rs. 500/- each.

 3.      Photography Competition: It will be an open category competition. The topic will be “Traffic through the Eyes of Citizens” and the best three entries will be awarded Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- & Rs. 1,000/- respectively and three Consolation Prizes of Rs. 500/- each.

4.      Poster Drawing Competition: This also will be an open category competition with topic “Thanking a Thankless Job – Traffic Cop” and the best three entries will be awarded Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- & Rs. 1,000/- respectively and three Consolation Prizes of Rs. 500/- each.

5.      Poster Drawing Competition: This Poster Drawing Competition will be only for College Section Students. The topic will be “Family Trauma After Accident” and the best three entries will be awarded   Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- & Rs. 1,000/- respectively and three Consolation Prizes of Rs. 500/- each.

6.      Drawing Competition: It will be organized for students of Class VIII to X with topic “Traffic – Your Idea (Good, Bad & Ugly)”. The best three entries will be awarded Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- & Rs. 1,000/- respectively and three Consolation Prizes of Rs. 500/- each.

7.      Slogan Competition on Traffic Scenario: This will be an open category competition and the best three entries will be awarded Rs. 500/-, Rs. 300/- & Rs. 200/- respectively and three Consolation Prizes of Rs. 150/- each.

8.      On the Spot Quiz Contest: The said contest will be held on road by randomly stopping the motorist as well as to the students while giving road safety lectures. He/she will be asked three simple questions pertaining to Traffic Laws and on the spot prize will be awarded to those answering all three questions correctly.

9.  On the spot Prizes for Traffic Rule Abiders: Those motorists found driving/riding by complying all traffic laws will be randomly stopped and rewarded.

The entries for all the above contest except Drawing Competition to reach in the office of the Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Traffic Headquarters, Near Joggers Park, Altinho Panaji on or before 15th January, 2013 by 5.00 pm. As regards to the Drawing Competition it is informed that it will be conducted by Traffic Police in the participating Schools itself on 15/01/2013. The drawing material like papers and crayons will be made available by Traffic Police to the students.

For any other further information, the participants may contact Police Inspector, Traffic Education Cell on the number 0832-2426580 or 7875756073 on any working day or else contact the nearest Traffic Cells in Goa.


corlim villager’s raises concerns on lonely stretch of anicent kottar area


28-dec-2012 …keeping in mind the tragic incident of the delhi bus-gang rape incident the old goa police officials have decide to tighten its day night patrolling systems along its old goa jurisdictions specially along the 800 mts fields stretch in calvaddo in corlim village known as kottar …

The 800 mts ancient lonely strecth road of Kottar has been an ancient traditional pathway in the middle of the fields in corlim village which also connects the road for locals to walk from mari bhat to manguearrar ward a ward which is a part of the caramoblim village is famous for sluice gates …

But recently the same 800 mts kottar road has been a serious concern for locals an unwanted issues of alcohol, drugs and also prostitution seems to have been taking place along the stretch both in day and night time and locals fear that issues such as rape or murder can take place along the stretch at any given time …

A local village speaking to herald correspondent said “ though this 800 mts stretch was used as one of road to gone in to the fields or for fishing in olden days now this road is becoming dangerous as many a time we see various things taking place such as at one stretch you would find a group of youths partying with alcohol, at another stretch one could notice young youth smoking and no one know whether it is cigarette or drugs and not only that you would also find couples on the same stretch coming in car’s, bikes and doing what not till late night as the whole stretch is a black out area and everyone is doing freely whatever they want” …

The villager also stated “one would be surprised that recently some of our boys who had gone for a walk along the stretch were surprised to find a whole lot of condoms, undergarment’s clothes’, beer-can’s and other items along the whole stretch which made us to think as what is going on here and few days back to our surprise at 8 in the night we noticed that there were over fifteen to sixteen boys in different groups at various corners along the stretch and at one corner in the middle of the road there was a 16 year old girl along with a boy sitting on a bike and busy chatting till late and thinking about the delhi rape gang incident if by chance any things happens to the 16 year old girl who would be blamed then and whose name would be spoiled and therefore I am happy and thankful to old goa police that they have decided to be more strict and keep an eye on such streets which are lonely and could be used for unwanted issues,

Old goa police inspector rajesh mardolkar over the issue said “ we do belevie that such type of lonely stretch roads are of serious concerns and therefore have decided to keep an eye on such roads and bad elements day and night and would also ask the local corlim panchayat to light up the road area with road lights in the next few days “

Meanwhile local panch members goraknath kerkar said “I have also heard about such incidents taking place along the kottar road and therefore the panchayat not wasting anytime further would see that the electric poles along the kottar stretch are installed with lights and the panchayat from their side would right to the old goa police station to see that more strict vigil is maintained on such lonely area roads in corlim village …


cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar denies rumors of attempting to jump in to bjp party says congress would be his first and last choice


Former transport minister and cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar has said that though he might leave politics in life but would not leave the congress party which would be his first and last choice..

Mr madkaikar was speaking to herald correspondent on the sidelines of inaugurating the hot mixing works of the 4.73 kms stretch from the kadamba by pass road to navelkar estate recently in old goa village panchayat and attended by old goa sarpanch vishal volvoikar along with panch members janita madkaikar, vinay naik and others ..…

The works have been undertaken by the public works department and has been estimated to the tune of over a crore and is estimated to be completed within the next few days time …

Speaking further over the rumors of madkaikar name being figured as one of among the four trying to switch over to the bjp party Madkaikar said “I am silent that doesn’t means that I want to jump in to another party as no way I would do this as congress would be my first and last party which I would be in before leaving politics and at the moment we are silent is that we want to give the parrikar government time to function though in the past few months the government has been functioning very slow but still we hope that the present chief minister manohar parrikar would do many more development of the state and presently I also do not have any problems as far as getting my developmental works done from the bjp led government”

Madkaikar said “I am happy that the present government is not treating us differently but same as what an mla has to get a treatment from a government as presently the second bridge from cumbarjua-gaundalim would be started along with other projects such as repair works of st estevam ground, carambolim ground and therefore I can say that we are getting full cooperation from the parrikar led government”

Asked about his reaction on the recent issue undertaken b y villagers of corlim of stopping huge constructions projects coming in the jurisdiction of corlim village madkaikar said “I do believe that it is the right of the local villagers to decide as what type of development they want and what they have to object to and then could put the same suggestions in front of their concerned  panchayat who I do belevie have to abide by the villagers suggestions as if huge projects do keep on coming in village areas then it would be the villagers who would suffer from water, roads, electricity and other amenities and therefore it is the rights of the villagers to oppose as what they do not want in their villager and panchayat have to take it in to consideration”

Madkaikar also stated that “if proper infrastructure is created with proper planning before giving permission for construction projects then it is a different case but in the corlim village there is no planning yet done in terms of basic amenities by the local village panchayat and it’s a surprise as how the panchayat has gone ahead and given permission for such huge construction projects without locals approval”