Panaji, 27 October 2016 … Minister for Panchayati Raj, Environment and Forests Shri. Rajendra Arlekar laid foundation stone for the construction of new Panchayat Ghar building project of Village Panchayat Caurem – Pirla in Sanguem Constituency. This project of Ground floor plus two floor stories building is taken up for Rs. 1 Crore 44 Lakhs under Deendayal Panchayti Raj Infrastructure Development (Golden Jubilee) Scheme.

       Present on the Occasion were M L A of Sanguem constituency and Chairman of Goa state Information and Technology Corporation Shri. Subhash Phaldessai, President of South Goa Zilla Panchayat Shri. Navnath Naik, Sarpanch of V.P. Caurem – Pirla Shri. Tolyo Gaonkar, Deputy Sarpanch Smt. Rashmila Velip, Panch member Shri. Satyawan Devidas, Shri. Rajendra Faldessai, Smt. Namita Gaonkar, Director for Directorate of Panchayats Shri. Gurudas Pilarnekar, BDO Shri. Bhagwant Karmali, Sarpanch of V.P. Netravali Shri. Shashikant Gaonkar, Sarpanch of V.P. Assolda Shri. Dayanand Naik and others.

While speaking on the occasion Shri. Rajendra Arlekar highlighted the developmental projects which are taken up in the state by Government  and said that Govt. is committed  to the development of the state.He thanked the Dessai family for donating the land for this panchayat building project and urged big landlords of State to donate land for various Government projects as land acquiring process for government projects is not yet finalized and because of this various innovative projects are pending. Shri. Arlekar said.

          In this Panchayat building project there will be space for Animal Husbandary and Electricity Department and also there will be a multipurpose hall which will solve all needs of the peoples of Caurem – Pirla Village he said. He said Government is People Friendly and is taking care of all. He also declared that Mangal Road which is going through forest will be opened again. He said that Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi is very much sensitive about the issues and problems of the peoples who reside in Forest areas and he also declared that to solve their problems even the Forest Act will also be changed if needed.

           MLA Shri. Subhash Phaldessai said that Netravali, Uguem and Caurem – Pirla this three village Panchayats new bulding Project proposals from Sanguem Costituency were in Goas first 14 Panchayt Building Project list  which have been approved by Govt. He also said that many Play Grounds work in Sanguem Constituency is in progress. All round development of Sanguem Costituency is taken up by the Government he said. Government is for Infrastructural, Education and Economical Development of the society he said.

         Shri. Navnath Naik and Shri. Rajendra Falldessai also spoke on the occasion. Sarpanch Shri. Tolyo Gaonkar welcomed. Shri. Suresh Kepekar compared while Shri. Satyawan Devidas gave vote of thanks. Stipulated period for completion of this project is 15 Months.



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