parishioners of see cathedral parish raise concerns over ancient old paintings gone missing in various chapels and altars in Se-cathedral church of old goa


With no action coming forth from the asi authorities in goa The parishioners of st see cathedral parish situated at old goa has raised concerns over the ancient old paintings that having gone missing in the various chapels and altars in the Se-cathedral church of old goa in the last few months

It may be noted that the parishioners led by its parish priest fr leonard corriea in a letter on 1st of February 2013 written to dr shivanand rao superintending archeologist of asi goa circle had brought to the notice of the asi officials that many paintings were missing in the various chapels and altars in the  Se-cathedral church which were been removed by the asi authorities without informing the church authorities

The letter which has also been addressed to his grace rev Felipe neri ferrao, along with fr joseph salema of pastoral institute and fr santumino dias of see cathedral informs about several difficulties faced by the parishioners of old goa who have mentioned that no proper inventory of religious articles, holy pictures, furniture’s, fictures, paintings etc were being maintained by asi and church authorities and that there was no proper coordination maintained between the asi and church authorities whenever such paintings, anti crafts, religious items are removed for restoration

The altar of our lady of good hope and other in the se cathedral are in a dilapidated condition for the past several months and no restoration work whatsoever has been initiated in spite of several oral requests and reminders on the ground that no budgetary provision have yet been made

  While we appreciate the demolition of the rooms near the see cathedral the shed behind the museum still remains and the parishioners would like to draw the attention against the conversion of the arches of st Francis of Assisi church in to rooms provided for accommodation to the asi staff

The parishioner’s have brought to the notice of the asi in the past that there have been serious instances where huge pieces of plaster and stone have collapsed from the ceiling of blessed sacrament chapel in the see-cathedral during the religious services thereby rendering the chapel unsafe to conduct religious services and the same has not been attended yet

Meanwhile speaking over the phone on the issue of the letter written dr shivanand rao superintending archeologist of asi goa circle said that he was not aware of any letter that had been written to his office till date and since he was out of the station once come back would find out the details and take would take necessary action on it