Panaji : January 26, 2017 …. Governor of Goa Dr (Smt) Mridula Sinha has urged Goans to practice and follow the principles laid down in the constitution of India. The Governor was speaking at the State level function of 68th Republic Day held at Athletic Stadium, Bambolim today.

Dr. Sinha  further said  “ It is equally important for every citizen to honour fundamental freedom and duties. Perform your duties to get your right”. and mentioned that this could be the mantra for all the citizens.

 The function was graced by Chief  Minister  Shri Laxmikant Parsekar, Union Minister  of State for  AYUSH  Shri Shripad Naik, Leader of opposition  Shri Pratapsing Rane, Chief Secretary Shri Dharmendra Sharma, Secretaries to Government, Personnel of Defence forces, Judges of High Court and Senior Civil Servants and freedom fighters.

 Speaking further the Governor said,  `it is great pride and happiness that following the constitution in the last sixty-six years our country has become a powerful country and we are in the fraternity of strong countries in the world. Foreign rule had made our country poor, uneducated, weak in social and economic structure and lack of required resources. Our country had the most important step to improve the minimum resources and agriculture. As agriculture is the most important pillar of our economy. We have fought over many problems and weaknesses to make our country united to face the problems of the present and find solution to them to realise a golden future. Thus united spirit of our country gives us courage to fight internal and external problems of our cultural and moral fabric of our country. Over the period of decades there is tremendous investment towards implementing developmental policies but we cannot neglect that still there are millions of poor, illiterate, sick and suffered people are not yet become partners on the path of progress`.

 The Governor further said that `Republic Day reminds us to do a lot for the people in our democratic country. We have to understand the principles and aspirations mentioned in our constitution and bring them into practice to herald in a spirit of oneness. `

She said, “we need to remember the Defence forces and their valour. National security is the most vital need. Our Defence forces have been totally committed to protect our freedom and regional solidarity. Our Security forces need to be more committed than before in their duties and responsibilities in the changed security climate. National Defence Forces will leave no stone unturned to safeguard the regional unity, integrity and the Indian ethos. We have to help the retired personnel from Defence Forces and also take care of them.“

 The Governor further stated that, Civil Servants plays a pivotal role. `In this age of development, our administrative structure have to face the challenges positively and in vigilant manner` She stressed.  It is the need of the hour that  Civil Servants  reach out to the masses to understand their problems and come up with the policies based on those problems. The Government has to take new measures to give a good quality service to the people. At the same them our national priorities and public aspirations have to met, Governor mentioned.

 The Governor further said that the country is trapped with economic scams, crimes, illegalities and irregular dealings which has to be got with the help of people and technology.

 Referring to Goa the Governor stated that Goa has made progress in each and every field inspite of joining the  Indian union fourteen years after the  Independence of the country, it has been a model peaceful co-existence and development oriented state.

 goa is a popular tourism destination at national and international levels. It has also  become  a popular  destination for national and international events with all infrastructure facilities. Goa has successfully hosted many national events and also international programme like Defence Expo, BRICS Summit and International Film Festival. We have to keep the spirit of hosting such events at all times`, she said.

On arrival the Governor was received by Chief Minister Shri Laxmikant Parsekar. The Governor later unfurled the National Flag , took the National Salute and reviewed the parade.


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