July 14, 2014 …. Power Minister Shri. Milind Naik has  favoured uninterrupted and reliable power to the State by means of underground cables which would be done in a phased wise manner. This he said would  completely eliminated by underground cable faults and  90% of interruptions.

 The Minister was speaking during his visit to  Tivim and Siolim Constituency on July 12 to attend to the grievances of the people.  The Minister said that the life style of common men has considerably changed. From the era of constant it has moved to instant. He cited examples of telephones where the STD/ISD calls had to be booked and wait for long hours to get the calls across. He said Android technologies have brought the internet at the fingertip no need to switch on Computers to access mails.

 He said all these facilities are worthless without reliable power. There are sometimes things which are beyond the control of Department staffs. However all out efforts are made to provide un- interrupted power supply to the consumers in the state even in difficult conditions.

 The Meeting held at Agarwaddo to address issues of Siolim Constiteuncy  was attended by Water Resources  Minister Shri. Dayanand Mandrekar, Sarpanchs and Panchayat Members from all the Panchayats. Siolim Constituency comprises of Five Village Panchayats Namely Marna, Oxel, Sodiem, Assagao Badem and Anjuna having total 15400 consumers. This constituency has also touristic importance.

 All these Panchayats are supplied power by 3 feeders that is to say by Siolim Feeder ( 25kms long), Assagao Feeder ( 22kms long) and Anjuna Feeder(24 kms long) aggregating to total 71 kms of 11 KV overhead feeder which support 135 Transformers of various capacities. From these 135 transformer LT line that comes to we consumer is of length 210kms overhead line.  In siolim itself Goa Electricity Department has to maintain 280 Kms of overhead line which is as old as thirty years at most places.

 Panchayat members pointed out that being thickly vegetated area lot of transient interruptions take place and therefore it was requested to take up work of underground cabling on top priority. Power Minister directed the officials to prepare on top priority. Shri. Milind Naik directed the Engineers to work on top priority to resolve the power problems in the area. Shri Milind Naik also requested Minister Shri Dayanand Mandrekar to help in locating land for setting up Sub-station in Assagao which can take care of future Growth. This is the part of  Twenty Year Perspective Plan developed by Minister for Power for Goa Electricity Department.

 Power Minister Shri Milind Naik  also visted Revora Panchayat and attended to the grievances  of Tivim Constituency. M.L.A. Shri Kiran Kandolkar was present. Shri Kandolkar  expressed said that his constituncey was neglected for years together and hoped to have initiated to improve Power Scenario in his area. Shri Milind Naik  Directed  engineers to frame estimate of underground cabling and bring for his perusal in specific time frame. Some Panchayat Members requested to address Low Voltage problem in their area. Departmental Engineer Informed that they are aware of situation and already estimates have been framed to Install New Transformer Center in that locality.

Shri. Milind Naik directed his office to ordinate with departmental and get this issue resolved within 15 Days. Shortage of Men Power and vehicle in resolving fault is faced by department was felt by Panch to which Shri Milind Naik replied that department has been given adequate power to hire vehicles and men power needs to be allocated properly by department and he personally directed department to do the needful. Shri. Milind Naik gave a patient ear to even smallest grievances and issued on the spot  directions to resolve them in time bound manner.


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