July 23, 2014 … Power Minister Shri Milind Naik in his Twenty Year prospective Plan has laid stress on converting Overhead Lines to Underground cables in the thickly vegetated area in Phased Manner. Department is in process of finalizing route for laying cables underground of 45 kms long 11 KV Poryem Feeder as per the directives of Minister Shri Milind Naik. 

The Electricity department has also started professionally run Call Center with number 1912 to attend to the complaints,. This number can be accessed from all Cell Phones as well as land lines.

 The Power department has provided Lightning arrestors in substations and at all the transformers center to handle situation such as damage to power lines and equipment due to lightening and thundering. Once the thunder sub-sides the line and equipments are test charged for checking healthiness of line. Power line which goes from Morlem Panchayat to Kerim Dam has to cover 12 kms distance mostly through forest area and total 12 transformers are erected to supply Power to Kerim Village where total 952 consumers receive supply.

Inaccessibility, darkness and rain hamper the restoration of power supply. However department works very hard to restore power supply in time. It can be called as life threatening while staff working in soaked condition and near to High Tension lines.

Goa Electricity Department has always worked to resolve the Problems of Kerim Villagers. In past three years substantial work has been done to improve the power scenario in Kerim Village. Department has already initiated action to link Ravan( Dhangarwada) to Shiroli this will help in restoring power more swiftly and also Provide alternate Power supply to PWD Drinking Water Supply Scheme at Kerim Dam. Estimates are framed of Apr. Department has framed estimate of Rs 20 Lakhs for replacing Poles and Conductors in Kerim Village area.

Kerim Village is supplied power by Poriem Supply line which originates from 33/11KV Sankhalim Sub Station and supplies power to Village Panchayat Morlem, Parye, Kerim and Part of Harvalem. Total length of this feeder is 45 kms and supports 35 Nos. Of Transformers of Various capacity.

Total 3751 No of consumers are getting supply from this supply line.  Poriyem Supply line which starts from Sankhalim Sub Station branches at Morlem Panchyat and one line goes to Kerim Dam and other one goes in the direction chinchwada in Poriyem village. At Chinchwada one branch goes in direction of Tulshi Mala and other one towards Ravan ( Dhangarwada).



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