President of taleigao bjp mandal dattaprasad naik along with taleigao citizens submits memorandum to the NGPDA office giving its views on Taleigao ODP …


15/07/2015 … Putting forth their suggestions towards the taleigao outline development plan President of taleigao bjp mandal dattaprasad naik along with the citizens from taleigao constituency on Tuesday submitted a memorandum to the office of north goa planning and development authority …

In his memorandum mr naik has asked ngpda to follow eleven point suggestions that were in the interest of the taleigao village, its residents for present and posterity such as no agricultural land / farmlands / orchids to be shown as settlement zone or commercial in the corrected or altered odp as well as no more proposals for development of roads to be built in the farm lands which will mutate the property further and lead to builders hub …

Reacting to the allegations made by taleigao bjp mandal president, Taleigao mla Jennifer monsoratte said that he was not informed about any representation made by people of taleigao which had not come up or discussed at the ngpda meet

Giving his views ngpda chairman Michael lobo said that he had gone through the letter and the taleigao odp sub committee would look in to the issue


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