Press Release For the day as on 07.12.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered


08/12/2014 …

  Dated 08.12.2014

Press Release For the day as on 07.12.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations/Units are as under.



1) Old Goa P..S Cr.No. 218/2014 u/s 325, 504 IPC

          Shri Tasleem Arif Shaikh, r/o St. Cruz, Old Goa complained that on 05.12.2014 at 22.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs at St. Cruz, accused person Sayyad Shabuddin r/o Betim assaulted him  with waist leather belt buckle on his left eye with waist belt on his back and left forearm and also bite on his left ear, thereby causing him serious injuries.

                                         SOUTH GOA DISTRICT



1.      Margao Town Cr. No. 542/14 U/s 279,338 IPC and 134(a), (b) of M. V. Act.

       That on 07.12.2014 at 19.00 hrs, H.C- 3145, Shri. Ganapti S. Naik of Margao Town PS lodged his complaint on behalf of State that on 06/12/2014 at 19.50 hrs. Opp. Kalika wine shop, near Arlem Junction, Margao, Goa, accused namely Janardhan s/o Bala Naik, age 40 yrs., r/o Amthana, Bicholim, drove his Kadamba bus bearing no. GA-03-X-0258 in a rash & negligence manner endangering human life while proceeding from KTC bus stand Margao to Mudediha, Bijapur and on reaching at opposite Kalika wine Shop near Arlem Junction, gave dash to a pedestrian lady namely Santana Vaz, age 52 yrs., r/o Arlem, Margao, due to which said lady sustained injuries to her both legs, who is presently undergoing medical treatment at GMC, Bambolim and further fled away from the spot without giving her medical treatment and information to police. Further investigation is in progress.   

B.     Un-Natural Death Cases.

1.      Vasco P.S. U.D. No. 63/14 U/s 174 Cr.P.C.

      That on 07.12.14 at 15.35 hrs, Vasco PS received wireless message from Casualty Police, GMC Bambolim, informing that Patient namely Kajal Poddar, age 42 yrs., r/o Dabolim, Vasco, admitted under MLC No. 14/1674 in ward no. 109 expired as a case of burn at her residence. Dead body is preserved in GMC Morgue. Inquest and P.M. examination is being held. Further investigation is in progress.\

2.   Colva P.S. U.D. No. 41/14 U/s 174 Cr.P.C.

        That on 07/12/2014 at 23.00 hrs. Colva PS received phone call from Casualty Police, Hospicio Hospital Margao, informing that one Mr. Deepak Katri, age 50 yrs., r/o, c/o Colva Residency, Colva, Salcete, N/o Nagaland, is brought dead at Casualty in Hospicio Hospital Margao. Dead body preserved at Hospicio Hospital Morgue for further formalities. Further investigation is in progress.


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