Press Release For the day as on 09.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.


                                                                       NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PORVORIM PS: Mrs. Seema w/o Santosh Arlekar r/o Salvador do Mundo Paithan complained that on 05.12.12 at around 10.30 hrs,  in front  of  House no. 49/12 Salvador  Do Mundo, Paithan,  accused person 1) Mr. Noel Athaide and 2)  Mrs.  Suveena  Athaide both  r/o  Paithan Salvador  Do Mundo,  Bardez insulted  her  and  her son  using  words   against their cast  and  uttered  bad words. Cr.No.161/12 u/s 3(ii) and (x) of Schedule cast and Scheduled tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 and Section 504 IPC stands registered. Dy. Sp. Raikar is I. O.

2) Smt. Kavita w/o Basappa Gudhinhor r/o, c/o Sanjay Kalangutkar, Nerul Bardez n/o Dharwad Karnataka complained that on 06.12.12 at 10.50 hrs.  near Nunes garage, Alto Porvorim  NH-17 road, accused  driver of Tata Safari No.GA-08-A-6401  namely Anand  Prasad r/o Soccorro  Bardez  drove his car in a rash and negligent manner, while  proceeding  from  Panaji  to Mapusa  and  when reached  near Nunes garage –  Alto Porvorim,  dashed  to Hero Honda  splendor M/cycle No. GA-003-S-7813  which was also  proceeding  in same  direction  having  put on right  indication light  in a  process of  taking  turn  leading  to others High way road  proceeding  from Mapusa to Panaji as a result  of which rider complainant  and above motor cycle  and   fell on the  road and  sustained serious injuries. Cr.No.162/12 u/s 279, 338 IPC stands registered. HC Ulhas Narvekar is I.O.

MAPUSA PS: Melvin Fernandes r/o Calvim Carmona lodged a complaint to the effect that on 08.12.12 between 07.00 hrs.  to 08.00 hrs.  at Calvim  Bardez  accused person 1) Mrs.   Adrigues Gracias  and  her son  both r/o  Uccassaim  2)   Rubelina  Conceio D’Souza r/o  calvim, 3)  Luis  D’Cruz r/o  Calvim, 4)  Mrs. Fedrina Dias  r/o  Calvim  with their  common intention  killed   his 2 cows and one Ox by using  poison,  thereby  causing  loss. In this connection Cr.No.312/12 u/s 429 r/w 34 IPC stands registered.  ASI Y.R. Gawas is I.O.

PONDA PS: Paras Upadhay s/o Gopalji r/o near Alcon Company, Pissurlem n/o Bihar complained that on 08.12.12 at about 18.30 hrs.  at first entrance  of IDC Kundai  near  Kundil Ispat  company,  accused  1) Girish  Ganpat Naik r/o Kundai  2)  Manoj  r/o  Bandora ( full name not known) 3) Deep, 4)   Pander r/o  near  ground Kundai,  with  their common intention wrongfully restrained  his  tanker by   putting  maroon color car No. GA-01 R-4894 in front of tanker,  abused  him filthy words,  pulled  him out and  assaulted  with  fist blows, slaps and kicks, further  through stones damaged  front wind glasses,  punctured  the  tyre and tore his  shirt causing  loss to the tune of rs.12,000/-. Accused being arrested. Cr.No.380/12 u/s 341, 504, 427, 324 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. ASI R.S. Gaonkar is I.O.

AGACAIM PS:  Prof. V.P. Kamat, Registrar Goa university complained that prior to 07.12.12 TNK at Goa university accused Mr. Gujaddep Sandhu  r/o Mapusa  made  a forged mark sheet  of Goa university  certificate  without  being  enrolled  in the  same as  bonafied student and harmed the  reputation of institution. In this connection Cr.No.99/12 u/s 464, 469 IPC stands registered.  PI S. Vaigankar is I. O.

CALANGUTE PS: On 09.12.12, one Rakesh s/o Shivram Mahajan, age 42 yrs.  r/o Ekta Nagar Mapusa N/O Nasik was brought dead at PHC  Candolim by 108 services. Body preserved in GMC Morgue. In this connection U.D.No.60/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Devyani is I. O.


MARGAO TOWN PS: Miss Aisha Khanapuri r/o Zoriwada, Davorlim complained that on 21.11.12 between 18.00 hrs. to 20.00 hrs.  near bank of  Baroda Navelim, unknown culprits  committed theft of Honda Dio scooter  No.GA-08-L-8428, W/rs.35,000/- approx. from an open parking place. Cr. No.483/12 u/s 379 IPC is registered.  HC K. P. Shetgaonksr is I. O.

2) Complaint on behalf of the State that on 08.12.12 between 21.35 hrs.  to 22.50 hrs.  near Sulabh Shauchalaya, Aquem, Margao, upon reliable and specific  information the  personnel  search of  accused  namely Narayan Nadir r/o  Tamilnadu,   he was  found in illegal  possession of  1589 grams of ganja  W/rs.3000/- approx. without  any legal  document. Cr.No.484/12 u/s 20 (b) (ii) (A) of NDPS Act stands registered. PSI   P.Umarye is I. O.

3) On 09.12.12, Dead body of unknown female was found lying at Old Market near advertisement Board. Body preserved in Hospciio Hospital Morgue Margao. U.D.No.125/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI S. G. Chavan is I. O.

VERNA PS: Savio da Gama r/o Mazilwada, Nagoa, Verna complained that between 07.12.12 at 16.00 hrs.  to 09.30 hrs. of 08.12.12 at Nagoa,  Verna  unknown culprits  effected  entry into his  flat by breaking  open  the locks of the  doors and committed theft of the plumbing item all W/rs.60,000/-. Cr.No.185/12 u/s 454, 457, 380 IPC stands registered. PSI Arjun Sangodkar is I.O.