Press Release For the day as on 11. 01. 2013 Pertaining to the cases Registered



DATED; 12.01.13 …  PANAJI PS: Mr. Xavier Peres c/o Speed Bird Tours and travels, Souza tower, Panaji   complained that intervening night of 25/26.10.12 TNK at Speed Bird travels and Tours Souza Towers, Opp.  Panaji,  Municipal garden,  Panaji, accused  Chandan Das  employee of  said office and holding   keys of  office committed  theft of cash of  Rs.37,000/-  from the  office. Cr.No.19/13 u/s 381 IIPC stands registered. PSI Anant Gaonkar is I. O.

Mr. Venkatesh Bhat  r/o  Near Mahalaxmi temple, Panaji complaint  to the effect that in the year  2012 on several  occasion  at TNK  when  he  along with  his wife  Mrs.  Violet  Lobo  visited  his house  at  H.No.126, Redkar  House,  Near Mahalaxmi temple, Panaji accused 1)  Miss  Sudha  Bhat, 2) Smt. Pooja  Bhat  both r/o H.No.126, Redkar house,  near Mahalaxmi Temple,  Panaji  his sister  and  sister in law  with  their  common  intention  wrongfully  restrained  them  from  effecting  entry  into  the house  at H.No.126, Redkar House  near, Mahalaxmi  temple,  Panaji and abused  them in  filthy words and  assaulted. Cr.No.20/13 u/s 341, 323, 504 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. PSI B. Z. Pawar is I. O.


On 11.01.13, one Remisha fernandes, age 23 yrs.  r/o  shiroda  expired  while undergoing treatment at Appolo hospital Margao as a case of Rattol Poisoning at her  Residence. Death of deceased in within seven years of her marriage. U.D.NO.7/13 u/s 176 Cr. P. C. stand sregistered.

MAPUSA PS: Mr. John Fernandes r/o Karaswada, Mapusa complained that on 11.01.13 at 02.00 hrs.  at Bastora,  accused  persons  1)  Santappan  Targal, age 35 yrs.  r/o Karnataka, 2)  Mohan  Karwar, age 25 yrs.  r/o Gokak, 3)  Prakash  Dubhale, age 27 yrs.  r/o Karnataka  all occupants of Mahindra and Mahindra Goods carrier pick up  were caught  while  committing  mischief  by   pigs  with their  common  intention  by transporting  them  by  above vehicle  in a  manner subjecting them to unnecessary pain and  slaughtering. Accused arrested and kept in PC. Cr.No.09/13 u/s 429 r/w 34 and Sec 11 (1) (a) (b) of Prevention of cruelty Act 1960 stands registered. PSI S. Lokre is I.O.

PORVORIM PS: On 11.01.13, one Vidhya w/o laxmipatti Reddy, age 20 yrs.  r/o Porvorim was found hanging in rented room at Shatinagar Porvorim. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim. U.D.No.02/13 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered.  PSI Videsh Shirodkar is I. O.

2) Shri Subhash Sonu Kalangutkar r/o Police Qtrs.  Porvorim complained that on 10.01.13 at 10.30 hrs.  at Police qtrs. Porvorim, accused Ashish  Shirodkar, age 41 yrs. r/o Police  Qtrs. Porvorim trespassed into his  house  and  assaulted  him  with fist blows  and left  eye and helmet on hand  and further accused  hit the  complainant  with  wooden danda  and  abdomen, thereby causing grievous injury. Cr.No.08/13 u/s 452, 375 IPC stands registered. HC-3465 G.L. Martins is I.O.

Umesh Fadte, PC B.No.4811, PSO to tourism Minister, CID Security Unit complained that on 11.01.13 at 09.30 hrs.  at O’ Coqueiro,  Porvorim  accused  driver of  Vehicle No.GA-03-H-2440  drove  the same in a rash and negligent manner, while endangering  human life  while  proceeding  from  Calangute to Mapusa  and gave bed words  to  him. Cr.No.09/13 u/s 279, 336, 504 IPC stands registered.

ANJUNA PS; On 13.01.13, one Ulka, age 35 yrs. Details Not known was found lying dead behind the house of Sheetak Kerkar Panch member. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim.  PSI Mahesh Kerkar is I.O.

CALANGUTE PS: Victim lady complained that on 11.01.12 at about 14.00 hrs.  at Calangute Beach, two Indian tourist with their  common intention caught hold  her Stomach, thigh and  legs  and her friend   thereby  outraged the modesty  while  swimming in the  sea water. Further accused person caught by life Guard handed over to the Police and placed in lock up. Cr.No.16/13 u/s 354 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. PSI Nitin Haldankar is I. O.


VERNA PS: Complaint on behalf of the State that on 11.01.13 between 16.15 hrs.  to 17.00 hrs.  at Utorda  in an  open filed  accused  Felix  Carvalho  and Ivo  Fernandes  both  r/o  Utorda,  Salcete organized  a bull fight  between their  He-buffaloes  for the  entertainment of Public and thereby subjecting  cruelty to animals. Cr.No.10/13 u/s 11 (2) (m) of Prevention of Cruelty to animals stands registered.

MARGAO TOWN PS: Salvador s/o Methew Diad, age 52 yrs. r/o St. Jose de areal complained that on 11.01.13 at 17.40 hrs.  at under fly over bridge,  behind Gandhi  market,  Margao accused 1)  Shabbir 2) Jyoti ( full name and address not known) with their  common intention robbed one gold chain W/rs.85,000/-, 2) one Nokia Mobile W/rs.8000/-, 3) one  wallet of  brown color  bag containing  Kuwait, cash of Rs.45,000/-, wrist watch  W/rs.40,000/- all W/rs.1,37,500/-. Cr.No.24/13 u/s 392 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. PSI S. G. Chawan is I. O.

QUEPEM PS: Complaint on behalf of the State that on 11.01.13 at 12.35 hrs.  near  Petrol  Pump,  Quepem  Accused namely Subhash s/o Parshappa  Sirsat r/o  Quepem  N/o  Bijapur driver of  Ashok Leyland vehicle bearing No.GA-09-U-3039 while taking  reverse in a fast speed without taking  care and precaution run over  the body  of pedestrian  Smt. Santalina  d/o Manuel   Mascarehnas, age 52 yrs.  r/o  Sirvol  Quepem,  thereby  caused  grievous  injuries  to her  leg and  other parts  of the body  and while  under  treatment at  Hospicio  Hospital  Margao, the  injured  lady  expired. Accused arrested and kept in PC. Cr.No.4/13 u/s 279, 304-A IPC stands registered. ASI M. B.  Birandar is I.O.