Press Release For the day as on 17.07.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations


  Dated 18.07.2014

Press Release For the day as on 17.07.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations/Units are as under.


PANAJI PS: Shri Mahesh Gaonkar r/o Models Maridien- Dona Paula- Panaji-Goa  complained that on 01.09.2000 at 03.50  hrs  at Panaji Police Station, accused namely1) Mr. D. H. Kenaudekar along with his brother, 2) G.H. Kenaudekar and 3)  Mrs. Anamika Kenaudekar criminally trespassed into the Panaji Police Station and criminally intermediated, abused and threatened  him when he was PI Panaji  Police Station and staff on duty at Panaji  Police station  by banging office tables, demanding  release of two accused person  namely 1)  Mr. Anthony Fernandes and Mariano Fernandes who were arrested u/s sec 151 Cr. P.C. Cr.No.291/14 u/s 353, 447, 504, 506 r/w 34 IPC is registered. PSI B .Z. Pawar is I.O.

2) Complaint upon behalf of the State that on 14.07.14 at 21.20 hrs, near Goa Motor driving school-Panaji, accused namely Vinesh Narayanan P.K. r/o c/o Prince Bakery-Taleigao N/O Kerala riding Yamaha M/cycle No. KL-46-J-1495 rode the same in a rash and negligent manner while proceeding from Taleigao Church to Tonca-Caranzalem and when reached at Goa Motor driving School- Panaji, dashed a Honda Brio car No.GA-07-E-7121 and due to said impact said motor cycle caught fire and was damaged completely and also caused injuries to pillion rider namely Devanand Kumar, age 22 yrs, c/o cafe Azad- Taleigao market- Panaji due to fall on the road. Cr.No.292/14 u/s 279, 337 IPC is registered.

3)  On 17.07.14, one  person namely  Anish Kishore Gadekar, age 30 yrs.,  r/o  Amral Bandh-Taleigao-Panaji committed suicide by hanging near Essar Galaxy building, Amrol Bandh-Taleigao. Dead body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim for PME. U.D.No.50/14 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. is registered.

VALPOI PS: Complaint on behalf of the State that on 17.07.14 at 19.15 hrs., near CHC-Valpoi, unknown driver of  truck No. GA-04-T-5410 drove in rash and negligent  manner  while  proceeding  from Honda  to Valpoi and  when reached  near  CHC- Valpoi, dashed to Passion M/cycle No.GA-02-P-9635 which  was coming  from opposite  direction  causing  grievous  injury  to M/ cycle rider namely Shahabuddin Badage, age 30 yrs., r/o  Bhuipal- Sattari and   accused person fled away from the spot without informing police. Accused driver namely Nawaz Shaikh, age 31 yrs., r/o Vaploi arrested and released on bail. Cr.No.51/14 u/s 279, 338 IPC and Sec 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act is registered. HC-4169 is I.O.


MARGAO TOWN PS: On 17.07.14, one unknown male person, age about 45 yrs, was found lying dead near Raviraj Hotel- Khareband. U.D.No.62/14 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. is registered. PSI M. Culaco is I.O.