Press Release For the day as on 19.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered



PANAJI PS: Shri Akshay Jain r/o Housing Board Colony Porvorim Alto Betim complained that between 18.12.12 at 20.15 hrs, to 19.12.12 at 18.00 hrs,. at E-Value Showroom, Campal, Panaji  unknown accused  person/s effected entry  into his  shop by break  opening  the rear  window of the shop  and committed theft of 10  MP3s, MP4s of Philips and Sony W/rs. 50,000/-, 2)5 Nikon Cameras W/rs.60,989/-,3) 15 Sony Cameras W/rs.1,28,340/- 4) 02 Sony Handicams W/rs.44,980/-, 5)  05 Canon cameras W/rs.32,980/-,6) 03 Fuji Cameras W/rs.17,289, 7) 01 Sony  Play station W/Rs.6990/-, 8)  01 Sony  camera printer W/Rs.8990/-, 9)  01 Tab of Molagro W/rs.22,990/- 10) 01 laptop  of make Acer W/rs.30,000/-, 11)  one safe locker box containing  cash of rs.1,69,000/- keys of  Rickshaw and one   cell phone  all W/rs.5,42,548 approx. Cr.NO.378/12 u/s 454, 457, 380 IPC stands registered. PSI A. Gaonkar is I. O.

2) On 19.12.12, one Xavier Fernandes, age 46 yrs.  R/o Block “C” Cardoz Building, Patto, Panaji expired at his residence. Body preserved in Morgue GMC Bambolim. U. D.No.89/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered.

CALANGUTE PS: Mr. Shambha s/o Babaji Naroji r/o Annawadi, Candolim, complained that on 01.08.12 accused person Mr.  James Ikechikau, Nigerian National r/o Candolim took his Activa scooter No.GA-03-N-0354 with promise to return the same on 30.10.12, but failed to return the same, thereby committed the breach of trust. Cr.No.292/12 u/s 406 IPC stands registered. HC-3619 is I. O.

MAPUSA PS: Ashwin Goltekar r/o Morod, Mapusa complained that on 18.12.12 at 19.30 hrs.  at Maddar  Mapusa,  unknown  person i.e.  rider & pillion  rider of black  color Yamaha M/cycle (No. not known)  asked  his mobile  phone  on a false pretext  and disappeared  with their  M/cycle,  thereby  committed  breach of trust. Cr.No.328/12 u/s 406 IPC stands registered. ASI S.V. Naik is I. O.

PORVORIM PS: Ramesh M. Kamat r/o c/o Sham Kamat, Succorowada, Porvorim complained that on 19.12.12. at 10.00 hrs., accused Suryaprakash  Sahani r/o Betim N/o U.P was found in  possession of different types of tobacco food products such Gutakha, Star etc. W/Rs.1000/- which is injuries to human health. Cr.No.145/12 u/s 87(a) (i) Goa Public Health Amendment Act 2005 stands registered.  PSI K.P. Sinari is I. O.

PERNEM PS: Mr. Anton Gelivice s/o Viadimir, Russian National presently residing at New Vada, Morjim complained that on 18.12.12 at 18.00 hrs,  unknown accused person/s effected entry into his rented room and committed theft of Laptop, Canon camera, one mobile,  MP3 player and cash of Rs.20,000/- all W/Rs.1,65,000/- approx.. Cr.No.187/12 u/s 380 IPC stands registered. HC- 3711 Mhamal is I. O.

ANJUNA PS: Complaint on behalf of the State to the effect that on 18.12.12 between 22.00 hrs, to 23.45 hrs.  at Anjuna Beach,  near  Café  Kuda, one unknown person, aged about  25 /30 yrs. appears to be foreigner of Nigerian  national sitting  on the sea shore  at Anjuna beach, and after  seeing  the police, said  person  ran away after leaving  a polythene parcel in the  sea shore which on being  checked  is seen to contain narcotic drug  known  as cocaine weighing  17 grams W/rs.85,000/-. Cr.No.166/12 u/s 21 of NDPS Act stand registered. PI V. P. Karpe is I. O.

2) Mr. Vaman Banaulikar r/o Zorwada Anjuna, Bardez complained that on 19.12.12 at around 14.15 hrs. accused person namely 1) Mahesh Banaulikar, 2) Rupesh s/o Ramnath Banaulikar both r/o Zorwada Anjuna Bardez     and 3)  Nilesh  Wazrekar r/o c/o  Zorwada Anjuna,  Bardez  n/o M.S. with their common intention armed  with danda, pipes etc. allegedly  trespassed into his  veranda, assaulted his Mother Smt.  Sunita, sister Miss Darshan, age 29 yrs., and Brother Mr. Keshav, age 18 yrs., with Danda pipes etc. and caused them injuries. Accused also snatched Mangalsutra and chain of his mother and sister. Accused arrested and kept in PC.  Cr.No.167/12 u/s 451, 324, 356, 379 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. PSI Mahesh Kerkar is I. O.


MARGAO TOWN PS: On 19.12.12, dead body of unknown male person was found lying in decomposed stage   below fly over bridge near Old railway Station Margao. Body preserved in Hospicio Hospital Morgue Margao for identification. U. D. No.130/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI S.G. Chawan is I. O.

CANACONA PS: Complaint on behalf of the State to the effect that on 19.12.12 at 15.55 hrs. accused lady Mrs.  Terry   Sinquiera, age 47 yrs R/o Vellim, procured victim lady, age 37 yrs. for the purpose of prostitution in Canacona area and was also living on the earning of the prostitution. Victim lady rescued in presence of NGO. Accused arrested and kept in PC. Cr.No.11/12 u/s 4, 5 and 7 of immoral traffic prevention Act 1956 stands registered.  PI Harish Madkaikar is I. O.