Press Release For the day as on 23.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered


24-dec-2012 …………NORTH GOA DISTRICT

OLD GOA PS: Shri Rajanish Kumar Singh r/o Opp. Health centre, Kalapur complained that on 21.12.12 at 03.00 hrs. at Kalapur, St. Cruz, accused person  Miss Ofilia Former along with  03 unknown person criminally  trespassed  into his rented room and abducted  him from his rented  room with assistance of 04 accomplices / accused person in one trax Jeep No.GA-08-U-5788 while on the way  all 08 accused  persons with  their common  object  also assaulted him  with slaps fist blows, kicks, belts and iron rode, thereby causing  him simple injuries  thereafter  threw out  the complainant  an unknown destination in South Goa. Cr.No.148/12 u/s 143, 147, 148, 452, 342, 365, 323 r/w 149 IPC stands registered.

2) On 23.12.12, one Vishnu Narayan Chickle r/o Chodan N/o Thana Maharashtra was found lying dead in parking lot of Karekar residency room, Ribander near Bal Bharati High School, Ribander. Body preserved at GMC Morgue Bambolim. U.D.No.75/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Sagun Sawant is I. O.

COLLEM PS: Victim lady, age 50 yrs complained that on 23.12.12 at 11.00 hrs  at Collem  Bazar,  near  Bar and  Restaurant,  accused person namely Navanath s/o Sukdo  Mamlekar  r/o Collem  Bazar  abused her  with filthy  language  threatened  to break  her legs, and further  pushed  her by  touching  her  breast  and  then after  assaulted  her with an Iron  rod on her  hip  bone. Accused  also  broke  her tulsi  thinking  that she  has  threw waste  water  onto his  vehicle.   Accused arrested and released on bail. Cr.No.59/12 u/s 354, 324, 506 (ii), 504 295 IPC stands registered. ASI G. A.  Malik is I. O.

MAPUSA PS: On 24.12.12, One Mathais s/o Domnic Fernandes, age 50 yrs.  R/o Pirazon Moira expired in his house. Body preserved in GMC Morgue, Bambolim for PME. U. D. No.88/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI V.  V.  Chodankar is I.O.

CALANGUTE PS: Complaint on behalf of the State that on 23.12.12 at 22.00 hrs, accused Chukwn Jeny Dojie, Nigerian National  was found in  possession of Nigerian  passport  bearing No. A01904252 in which  was fixed with a fake  Visa  on the  Passport  and  forged  signature  of the  High  commission of India in Lagos  and thereby  committed   the  offence  of  forgery  and cheating  and  accused  foreigner  was also  found illegally  staying  in India without  valid visa. Cr.No.300/12 u/s 468, 471, 420 IPC and Sec 7 (1) (3) of Foreigners order 1948 r/w section 14 of Foreigners Act 1946 is registered.  PSI Nitin Halankar is I. O.


CANACONA PS: Bhagadue s/o Datta Naik Desai r/o Char rasta complained that between 22.12.12 at 22.00 hrs.  to 23.12.12 at 07.30 hrs.  at Char rasta, unknown  culprit/s  effected  entry into his shop No.2,3,4 by  bending / breaking  the shutters  of the shops and  stole  cash  of  Rs.10,000/- from the  counter of shop No.3  and 4 Foster  beer  tins  and  three Kingfisher  beer bottles  and cash of Rs. 5000/-  from  shop No.4  all W/rs.15,300/- approx. Cr.No.115/12 u/s  457, 380 IPC stands registered. ASI S. P.  Gaonkar is I. O.

CURCHOREM PS: On 24.12.12, one Bhalchandra s/o Shanu Khandeparkar, age 40 yrs, r/o Voilawada, Kirlapal, Dabal admitted in GMC Bambolim as a case of alcoholic at residence, expired while undergoing medical treatment.  Body handed over to his relatives. U.D.No.27/12 u/s 174 Cr. P.C. stand s registered.

MARGAO TOWN PS: Mario Furtardo  A. E. Sub Div–IV Margao  complained that  during  night  of 07.12.12 TNK  near  Rajendra Prasad  Stadium Margao, unknown  culprit/s  committed theft of  150  meters of LT  Aluminum  cable of  Size  2 core, 2.50 Sq meter clamped  to the  wall  of new   over head  bridge,  Rajendra Prasad  Stadium Margao. Cr.No.504/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. PSI Laxi Amonkar is I. O.