Rajya sabha member shantaram naik has criticize state government for making u turn on issue of special status for goa


01/06/2015 …. Stating that the bjp leaders had committed a breach of privileage Rajya sabha member shantaram naik has criticized the state bjp led government for making u turn and betraying goans on special provisions as far as special status for goa was concerned …

Addressing media persons at the party head office in panjim rajya Sabha mp shantaram naik said that the the bjp national president amit shah was unable to understand the demand of goans which seek for the amendment of article 371 of the constitution to empower goa legislative assembly to enact appropriate legislation to protect their land culture and language with special category

Mr naik said that both Parrikar and cm Parsekar owe an explanations to goans as what was the responses of the prime minister and home minister of india if at all they had taken the special status of goa issue serious

Mr naik also stated that there was a total misunderstand prevailing in some sections of the society that goan land could be protected by amending local law


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