sangum mla reterates the demand for forming goa mining development corporation


7-march -2013 … After certain ngo’s had made their demands of asking the state government to form a goa mining development corporation the Sangum mla subash phaldesai on Friday also supported the demand of goa government forming a goa mining development corporation which would help the mining affected people to get their problems solved from the mining related issues ….

Speaking to goanreporter  sanguem mla subash phaldesai said today there was a need to form such mining corporation as if it was there than certain employess would have not been retrenched by the government like that which have been done now by certain mine owners

Subash said that some of the mine owners had taken away their business out of goa leaving their employees starving and suffered today

Meanwhile commenting over the issue chairman and managing director of rajaram bandekar sirigao mines pvt ltd narayan r bandekar said that he was interested in doing business and such proposal earlier had not succeeded and therefore welcomed any good suggestion coming from any sector though mining had to start …

Meanwhile congress spokesperson sudip tamankar asked the state government to give loans to the mining affected people through the edc department and mentioned that the same could be retaken back through installments once the mining had started