Panaji: December 3,2014 …. The Governor of Goa Smt Mridula Sinha has said that any literary form may it be a poem, novel, or story should have the base of facts and reality. Literature is embodiment of human ire, feelings and expressions therefore  literature has been called as the mirror of society.

Smt. Sinha was speaking after releasing a story book at a function organized by the Fundacao Oriente in the city yesterday. The book is a compilation of various stories penned down by different young and new story writers from Goa for Story Writing Competition-2013 organized by Fundacao Oriente itself.

Smt. Sinha further speaking said that knowledge and wisdom expressed in literary works like poems, short stories etc. have a crucial role to play in the social and intellectual progress of the people. Valuable literature has the power and effect of transforming the society. Social reforms are always inspired by important literary works therefore literature has to lead life. Literature should contain creative ideas and should bring about lasting impression in the minds of people the people about higher qualities and realities of life.

Smt. Sinha further speaking also said that good literature has power which should mirror the values common to all humanity and in spreading the message of truth. In fact it should reflect our aspirations and a universal appeal. She advised the new and young writers to avoid the tendency to go in for cheap literature which is not a good sign. Instead of cheap writing upcoming writers should take to write such a literature which will be useful for all people that can produce right impact on minds of readers and can give them true education together with providing the pleasure of reading she further added.

Smt Sheela Jaywant a writer and one  of the   jury for the competition while speaking told about the typicality’s of various writers in story writing and discussed about plots of their stories and narration as well.

Dr.Rui Carvalho Baceira , Consul General of  Portugal  in Goa, Prof. Maria  do  Coir Barreto, Chairperson of the Jury of the short story competition 2013, Writer Smt. Maria Aurora Cuto and eminent personalities from the field of literature were present at the function. .

Dr.Eduardo Kol de Carvalho, Delegate of Fundacao Oriente welcomed and compered the function.