south goa collector n d agarwal once again fails to submit his report on panjim market illegalities


21-06-2013 … Even though the report on panjim market illegalities was to be submitted by 20th june evening South goa collector n d agarwal on Friday informed ccp mayor surendra furtado to submit his findings by 25 of june after mr agarwal got the clue that ruling councilors were trying to ghereo mr agarwal at his office in south goa for not submitting the final report by Thursday evening

It may be noted that the Ruling ccp councilors led by its mayor surendra furtado on Thursday 20th june had waited till 6 pm in the evening as to see weather south goa collector n d agarwal could submit his report on the market illegalities that had taken place in to the city market but the south goa collector did not turned up with his report ….

Speaking to media reporters after the ccp meet mayor surendra furtado said that mr agarwal had promised to submit the report by Tuesday while a special ccp meet would be called in the 2nd week of july to discuss the issue as demanded by councilor rudresh chodankar

Ccp meet also decided to go ahead with the pay parking system in the city jurisdiction once the final approval of the north goa collector was given to the proposal …

Meanwhile the issues of casinos creating a traffic nuisance was put forth by councilor kabir mhakija which was supported by over 29 councillors who asked mayor to taken an action on casino offices creating nuisance in city jurisdiction