state congress party is desperate and frustrated as they cant see a single chance of coming back to power in the 2017 state assembly elections says deputy chief minister francis dsouza

Goan Reporter News Services

09/12/2015 …. Deputy chief minister francis dsouza has termed the state congress party as desperate and frustrated who could not see a semblance of a chance to comeback in to power in the 2017 state assembly elections

mr dsouza was speaking to after the state congress party leaders had recently commented over the birthday celebration of defence minister manohar parrikar asking it to be cancelled and in turn the related money to be used to help the flood victims of Chennai.

deputy chief minister francis dsouza said that his party would like to do things the way they wanted and if there was a need to do anything for the flood victims in Chennai his government would definitely do that too …

Commenting over the issue of regional plan 2021 being kept open for public for suggestions and objections mr dsouza said that he was also of the opinion that certain areas such as forest land, agricultural land, no development zone should not be touched in the regional plan 2021 and his government would also ensure to see that proper care of environment was taken place




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