state government to spend around 60 crores before ganesh chaturthi and get pothole problems of the state roads solved


23-07-2013 …  The state government would spend a total of around 60 crores in before the ganesh chaturthi and get all the pothole and problems of the state roads solved state pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar said on Monday

Speaking to goanreproter pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar said that the state government had approached the centre asking for funds to the tune of 40 crores which would be given within six months of time carrying out major roads works of the state highways

Commenting over the bad road conditions long the highway road at porvorim Dhavlikar said since the funds were released late by the national highway authorities state pwd department got delayed in issuing the tender work for the highway works due to which pwd was unable to put macadam on the highway road

Dhavlikar also stated that roads were damaged due to the heavy showers that had taken place in the state in the last few days due to which now there was a need from the engineer section department to study as how roads could be well maintained in rainy season too