state tourism department to appoint over two hundred Irb officials along with over 1000 life guards in the next few months


24-06-2013 … In order to maintain a strict vigil along the goan coastal line from various tourists creating any untoward incidents the state tourism department would appoint over two hundred Indian reserve battalion officials along with over 1000 life guards in the next few months …

Presently the state is in the mid of the rainy season when specially the sea along the 107 kms coastline is rough an very dangerous to swim but even after the state government appointed life guards instruction of not to venture in to the sea during rainy season some of the tourists visiting goan beaches do not listen to the appointed life guards due to which case of drowning and other incident takes place …

Speaking to goanreporter state tourism minister dilip parulekar said that strict vigil would be maintained along the goan coastline to take care of any untoward incident taking place and if the tourist were not listening to the life guards then irb officials then strict action would be taken on such tourist

Parulekar said that even case could be booked on those tourist who would not listen to the irb officials and create nuisance along the coastline

Parulekar also stated that the state government was almost ready to implement cctv camera all along the goan coastline in days to come