To solve voltage fluctuation problems around 25000 crores required to carry out underground cabling all over the state says power minister milind naik


09/05/2015 …. A total of around 25000 crores would be required for the power department to carry out underground cabling in the state if powers voltage problems had to be eradicated totally from the state said power minister milind naik on Friday …

Addressing media persons power minister milind nak said that since the cost of carrying out underground cabling all over the state was too huge the state power department had a proposal of first carrying out the underground cabling work in touristic places of the state and the same were done at certain tourist places in the state

Commenting on the power billing system in the state Naik said that the consumers in the state would now be able to get the power bill bi monthly due to the efforts put in by the officials of goa electronic limited

Naik also stated that the revenue collections through the power bills after the introduction of bill bi monthly had increased tremendously