Vice President of goa football association Elvis Gomes to contest GFA President post


03/06/2014 … As the 4-year term of Goa Football Association Executive Committee headed by Shrinivas Dempo coming to an end present Vice president of goa football association Elvis Gomes has emerged as the front runner to take over the President post

 Even though a government servant Mr gomes has already got the signal to go ahead from the government for the GFA elections for the Executive Body which are scheduled for July 27 next month

 No sooner mr gomes announced his candidature for the gfa topo post the chances of a contest has diminished as mr gomes has a good track record as an efficient administrator in the Government as well as football circles and enjoys a good rapport among goan football clubs and football lovers.

 Speaking to goanreporter vice president of goa football association elvis gomes said he was in the fray for the gfa top post as many clubs were optimistic of him contesting the presidentship post elections of goa football association

 Gomes said that there was lot to be achieved in the growth of football in to the state of goa and it was in the larger interest of the game that he had taught of contesting the gfa elections for the top post

 Meanwhile mr gomes also commented over the e tenure of present gfa president srinivas dempo