Village Panchayat of Corlim along with Syngenta Santa Monica Works holds its awareness on Dry waste recycling meet at the village panchayat hall of Corlim Village


04-07-2013 … With a view to tackle Solid Waste issues in the village jurisdiction of Corlim ,panch members of the Village Panchayat of Corlim along with  Syngenta Santa Monica Works recently held its awareness on Dry waste recycling which was held at the village panchayat hall of Corlim Village

a number of locals participated in the awareness meet which was organized by the corlim village panchayat members with the support of a sygenta limited company situated in corlim village through its NGO Margdarshak, technical support was provided by (VRecycle) a private waste management services.

 Presently under the Pilot Project wet waste has been daily collected from wards of pda, mangado and other areas with done door to door collection twice a week covering more than 700 to 800 houses and recently has been extend to other wards in the Panchayat.

The aim of this project is to have a clean village free from dry waste by using a sustainable model that has cent collection compliance which is  an environment friendly and assuring almost 100% recycling of recyclables dry-waste.

 Initial address was given by deputy sarpanch of corlim village panchayat victor Pereira who explained the locals as how they would like to collect only dry waste in his ward and asked every local present to generously help the Panchayat in making this Project a success

Sygenta’s Project manager for solid waste management of Corlim village Andrew Dsouza also gave his views on the occasion

 Addressing locals over the issue of waste management consultant Clinton vaz of v-recycle made a presentation on how important it was to separate dry and wet waste after which locals from the village also rasied certain issues in front of the panch members