we do not need any advice from state congress leaders on helping people affected with natural calamities says state bjp president vinay tendulkar

11/12/2015 … The state bharatiya janata party has told the state congress party as not to give them any advice on the issue of help the flood relief people in Chennai when the congress party themselves had failed in helping the canacona flood relief people on time …
Addressing media persons in panjim president of the state bharatiya janata party vinay tendulkar said that his party had always been in forefront to help in all ways whenever there had been any natural calamities in the country
Mr tendulkar said that goans were all excited to be a part of the 60th birthday celebrations of the defence minister of india manohar parrikar and more than 50,000 people were expected to be a part of the celebrations on Sunday in panjim
Meanwhile general secretary of the manohar parrikar 60th birth celebrations committee and tourism minister dilip parulekar said that all arrangements were done for the birthday celebrations of mr parrikar


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