wont allow any project to come up near aguada plateau in candolim village says former calangute mla agnelo fernandes


02/11/2015 … Stating that the bjp led government in the state was trying to sell land to outsiders on candolim plateau villager’s, panch members of the candolim village panchayat along with former calangute mla agnelo fernandes have opposed towards the development of light houses at aguada in candolim village and has warned of agitating against the government if any permission is given for a project in the vicinity of light house …

Addressing media persons in panjim congress spokesperson and former calangute mla agnelo fernandes said that the present government was trying to see land to outsiders on the pretext of development when the aguada plateau was an eco fragile sensitive area

Mr fernandes alleged that the idea of the government was a back door entry of selling goan land to outsiders



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